Arctic Cooperation Fund

The objective of the Arctic Co-operation Programme is to support processes, projects and initiatives that will help promote sustainable development and benefit the people of the Arctic under the conditions generated by globalisation and climate change.

The Arctic stands on the threshold of major changes, which will affect Arctic societies and the Arctic people in a number of important areas. Consequently, the Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co-operation Programme for 2015-2017 has a "people first" approach with a focus on contributing in a concrete way to exploring new paths and possibilities for the populations in the Arctic region in a changing environment, both socially and otherwise.

The Arctic Co-operation Programme is designed to help collate and co-ordinate the work relating to the Arctic within the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers and its institutions. Within the overall objectives and focus areas introduced below, the following will be prioritised in the period 2015-17:

•Activities that include Arctic and Nordic involvement and are within the frameworks of the objectives focus areas and criteria set by the Arctic Co-operation Programme.
•Activities that follow up on and disseminate the results from Nordic initiatives concerning the Arctic, including results from the Arctic Co-operation Programme 2012-2014.
•Activities that are in line with current political priorities, including those of the ministerial councils' and of the countries' Arctic strategies, etc.