I have more than 30 years of research experience, especially within Icelandic syntax, both syn­chronic and dia­chronic. In the past few years, I have participated in a number of collaborative projects and networks on syntactic variation, such as Variations in Icelandic Syntax (Tilbrigði í setningagerð), ScanDiaSyn (Scandinavian Dialect Syntax), NORMS (Nordic Center of Excellence in Microcomparative Syntax), NLVN (Nordic Lan­guage Variation Network), and N'CLAV (Nordic Collaboration on Language Variation Studies). I have published several papers on Icelandic syntax, especially diachronic and historical syntax, and was chief editor of the Con­cordance to the Ice­landic Family Sagas, which was pub­lished on CD-ROM in 1996. I have also written articles and textbooks on Modern Icelandic pho­netics, phonology and morphology.

In re­cent years, my interests have turned to corpus linguistics and language technology. I was a pioneer in these fields at the University of Iceland and have been project leader or steering group member of several Icelandic language technology projects. I have cooperated with companies from the software and telecommunications industry on various projects, such as the development of the first Icelandic individual word recognition system, the development of a text-to-speech synthesizer for Icelandic, and the development of efficient search methods for Icelandic text. Recently, I was a member of an Icelandic team which cooperated with Google on the building of a speech recognition system for Icelandic, and cooperated with the Icelandic  Organization of the Visually Impaired and Ivona Software (subsidiary of Amazon) on a new text-to-speech system for Icelandic.

I have also taken part in a number of research projects on Icelandic Language Technology, including A Shallow Parser for Icelandic and Context-Sensitive Spell Checking. I was PI in the project Viable Language Technology Beyond English which received a three year Grant of Excellence from the Icelandic Research Fund in 2009. Furthermore, I have par­ticipated in several Nordic pro­jects and networks in this area, including NorDokNet, NLTNet, Nordisk Netordbog, Tværsproglig søgning på tekster og ordbøger, Nordtalk and Nordic Treebank Network. I was Icelandic representative in the Board of the Nordic Graduate School of Language Technology (NGSLT) from 2004-2009. From February 2011 to January 2013, I led the Icelandic part of the META-NORD project which is a part of META-NET.

Participation in externally funded Language Technology R&D projects and networks:
2011-2013 Leader of Icelandic part, META-NORD
2010-2012 Steering group member, Icelandic Text-to-Speech System
2009-2011 Project leader, Viable Language Technology beyond English
2007-2008 Project leader, Context-sensitive Spell Checking
2006-2007 Steering group member, Icelandic Text Screening
2004-2012 Steering group member, Balanced Tagged Corpus of Icelandic
2004-2006 Steering group member, Ragga – a Text-to-Speech System for Icelandic
2004-2006 Steering group member, ISLEX – Scandinavian Web-based Dictionary
2003-2005 Network member, Nordic Treebank Network
2003-2004 Steering group member, Hjal – an Isolated Word Speech Recognizer for Icelandic
2002-2004 Project leader, Grammatical Tagger for Icelandic
2002-present Steering group member, Database of Icelandic Inflections
2001-2003 Network member, Nordtalk (Corpus based research on spoken language)
2001-2005 Network member, NorDokNet (Nordic Documentation Centres in LT)
1999-2002 Steering group member, ÍSTAL (Corpus of spoken Icelandic)


  • 2006 First prize in the competition Uppúr skúffunum arranged by the Research Liaison Office at the University of Iceland, for the project Context-sensitive Spell Checking (with Hrafn Loftsson and Sigrún Helgadóttir)
  • 1996 The annual award of Hagþenkir, association of Icelandic non-fiction writers, for Concor­dance to the Icelandic Family Sagas (with Bergljót S. Kristjánsdóttir, Guðrún Ingólfsdóttir, and Örn­ólfur Thorsson)