Kristján Leósson, January 17, 2016 23:33

Kristjan LeossonKristján Leósson, Ph.D.
Affiliated Researcher
Science Institute University of Iceland

New principle of polarimetry

Kristján Leósson, January 17, 2016 23:32

Light from an optical fiber illuminates the metasurface, is scattered in four different directions, and the intensities are measured by the four detectors.

New results from a fruitful collaboration with former group member Balthasar Mueller and his current supervisor Prof. Capasso. For further info, please see the Harvard News Release or the open access publication.

Advanced Optical Materials cover image

Kristján Leósson, February 5, 2015 02:00

And the cover goes to...

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

...with special thanks to Frímann for his artistic genius

Former group member Malte C. Gather receives ERC Starting Grant

Kristján Leósson, January 18, 2015 05:01

Malte's biological laser

Congratulations to Malte, professor at St. Andrews, on his ERC Starting Grant

Change of address

Kristján Leósson, May 18, 2014 14:57

From 1 September 2014, Kristjan Leosson will be employed as Managing Director of the Department of Materials Science, Biotechnology and Energy at the Innovation Center Iceland.

Kristjan Leosson appointed topical editor of Optics Letters

Kristján Leósson, September 5, 2013 00:15

Kristjan Leosson has been appointed topical editor of Optics Letters, within the content areas of Nanophotonics and Plasmonics. Optics Letters dates back to 1977 and currently ranks as the 5th highest-impact journal in Optics in the ISI journal citation reports.

New paper on optical pH measurements

Kristján Leósson, August 27, 2013 14:36


A recent paper in Biomedical Optics Express describes how pH of cell culture medium in a microfluidic system can be accurately determined directly from microscope images. The work is part of the group's ongoing collaboration with the Center for Systems Biology at the University of Iceland.

Science publication by former group member Balthasar Mueller

Kristján Leósson, May 1, 2013 12:19


Congratulations to Balthasar on his publication in Science!

Virginia Merk's paper selected as frontispiece in Advanced Optical Materials

Kristján Leósson, April 10, 2013 13:38


Virginia's paper on templated nanostructures was selected as a frontispiece in the new journal Advanced Optical Materials and featured in Materials Views.