Research Students

PhD Research Students (Supervisor)

AlmaDís Kristinsdóttir. Museum Education: Obstacles and Possibilities.

  1. Toward Sustainable Museum Education Practices: Confronting Challenges and Uncertainties (2016)
  2. Infectious Virus: Biophilia and Sustainable Museum Education Practices (2018).

Ólöf Gerður Sigfúsdóttir. Revealing Research: Museum Practice as Epistemic Work.

Björn Pétursson. The Icelandic Maritime Museum as a Cultural Constitution.

Katla Kjartansdóttir (Co-supervisor with Ólafur Rastrick).  Museums, Mobility and Transnationalism.


Graduated PhD students

Arndís Bergsdóttir. Absence Comes to Matter: Entangled Becomings of a Feminist Museology. 2017.

  1. Museums and Feminist Matters: Considerations of a Feminist Museology (2016)
  2. The Fleshyness of Absence: The Matter of Absence in a Feminist Museology (Gender and Heritage).
  3. Women, Museums and Shared Absencepresences: A New-materialist Account of Entangled Stories and Differential Matterings at Snartarstaðir Museum in Iceland (forthcoming, Museum and Society).
  4. Cyborgian Entanglements: Post-human Feminism, Diffraction and the Science Exhibition ´Bundled-up in Blue´(2017)