2000 years of Climatic Variability from Arctic Lakes



ARCSS 2 kyr Project: A synthesis of the last 2000 years of climatic variability from Arctic lakes


To understand the modern Arctic system, its current unprecedented change, and its future requires the long-term perspective of the natural variability that can only be gained through proxy records. Fourteen collaborative PIs will generate standardized, high-resolution (annual and decadal) proxy climate records from 30 lakes across the North American Arctic. The four-year project (2005-2008) is funded by NSF’s Arctic System Science Program. This project aims to place 20th century climatic change into a longer-term context of inter-decadal climatic variability spanning the last 2000 years. We will: 
 1) Essentially triple the number of available proxy Arctic climate records that extend beyond the Little Ice Age to previous warm intervals to capture centennial-period modes of climatic variability. 2) Explore the role of volcanism, solar irradiance, and inherent modes of climate variability to explain observed patterns in the proxy data using climate modeling experiments.