WG3 & WG5 Meeting at the University of Leiden

Call for papers for a joint meeting of WG3 & WG5

University of Leiden, Netherlands

24-25 October 2018


Deadline for abstract submission extended to 10 July 2018 


The purpose of a joint workshop for WG3 & WG5 is to combine forces, knowledge and experience in the area of user-oriented design strategies and questions related to ethical involvement of users, legal regulations, and commercialisation for creating a new language learning platform based on crowdsourcing.


This workshop is aimed at providing a space for presenting smaller and larger research, and at creating an opportunity for an intensive discussion that would lead to a mutual understanding of the above interdisciplinary, but related topics. The meeting will offer talks by keanote speakers on a relevant topic (to be announced later) and stimulate a brainstorming discussion on the presented contributions.


WG3 & WG5 topic description:


Motivational, ethical and legal issues in crowdsourcing


Contributions are welcome (but are not limited) to the following WG3 subtopics:

  • Motivation / retention behaviour of learners in educational platforms/applications, and games with a purpose (GWP)
  • Motivation / retention behaviour of content contributors in in educational platforms/applications, and games with a purpose (GWP)
  • Motivation / retention behaviour in crowd-sourced platforms/applications
  • Defining attractive features for users in the current state-of-the-art of CALL and MALL
  • The effect of gamification and gamified user interfaces (UIs) on a crowd of various users (learners, content providers) in educational platforms/applications, or games with a purpose (GWP)
  • Studies of user interfaces (UIs) in educational platforms and applications
  • Ethical issues in crowdsourcing or educational platforms or applications
  • Legal issues in crowdsourcing or educational platforms or applications
  • Ethics and gamification
  • Commercialisation strategies for crowdsourced educational platforms
  • Adapting existing platforms to the new GDPR



  • Abstract of 400 words (without references) to be sent to Branislav Bédi (brb19@hi.is) and Frieda Steurs (frieda.steurs@kuleuven.be) with subject line “Paper submission WG3 & WG5 2018”
  • Deadline for submission: 1 July 2018 extended to 10 July 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: 10 July 2018 extended to 15 July 2018
  • The organisers of WG3 & WG5 meeting will select the papers according to the relevance of the topic.
  • Accepted papers will be invited to give a presentation or present a poster or a demo at the meeting, and will qualify for reimbursement.
  • The accepted contributions will be made available on enetCollect website under WG3 & WG5 groups as a deliverable of the meeting.
  • The organiser are also considering a joint publication and selected papers will be invited for a contribution.



Further information about the event, accommodation and travel will be published on 10 July on the EnetCollect (Ilias) website, and an email notification sent via the relevant WG3 & WG5 emails.



Local organisers:

  • Tanneke Schoonheim (Tanneke.Schoonheim@ivdnt.org)
  • Frieda Steurs (Frieda.steurs@ivdnt.org)


WG3 & WG5 organising committee:

  • Branislav Bédi, WG3 leader, University of Iceland
  • Frieda Steurs, WG3 vice leader, Institute of Dutch Lexicology
  • Tanneke Schoonheim, WG3 member, Institute of Dutch Lexicology
  • Karën Fort, WG5 leader, Sorbonne University
  • Katerina Zdravkova, WG5 vice leader, Cyril and Methodius Univeristy in Skopje


Information to be found on EnetCollect (Ilias) repository website.


Please send abstracts to both emails at the same time (before 1 July 2018 extended to 10 July 2018):

  • Branislav Bédi (brb19@hi.is) & Frieda Steurs (Frieda.steurs@ivdnt.org)