My position at the Department of Theology and Religious studies at the University of Iceland started in September 2008. I teach all ethics courses, but ethics has, to be sure, always had an important role in theology. These courses range from basic curriculum in theological ethics, to courses in environmental ethics, ecological ethics, feminist ethics, ethics of family and marriage, ethics og death and dying, ethics of war and peace, and sexual ethics. In all these courses the perspectives and studies of Christian theologians and ethicists to these subjects throughout history, matter a great deal.

I defended my thesis entitled Violence, Power and Justice: A Feminist Contribution to Christian Sexual Ethics, at the Department of Theology at Uppsala University in 1998. My tutors were: professor in theological ethics Carl-Henric Grenholm and professor in sociology, Eva Lundgren. The subject of the thesis gave rise to my future research that mainly has been in the field of violence against women and children, theories on power, theories on justice, not least those coming from the field of feminist scholars. The doctoral research was in the field of sexual ethics which has remained an interest of mine. In the years 2003-2008 my studies centered to a large degree on same sex marriage and the justification of that in the Christian Church communities. After 2008 my research has focused on violence, children, women, justice and sexuality.

Right now I am studying individuals and groups such as trans persons, that have been condemned by Christianity because of their sexual habits.