Fields of research

A. Medieval history.

My research in this field can be divided into six different categories:

i) World view and Icelandic nationality in the middle ages.

E.g. „Defining a Nation“, „The Schism that never was: Old Norse views on Byzantium and the Rus“„On the Road to Paradise: ’Austrvegr’ in the Icelandic Imagination“„Black Men and Malignant-Looking“ and „Vinland and Wishful Thinking“.

ii) Reevaluation of the history of the medieval church.

E.g. „The Peace of God in Iceland in the 12th and 13th centuries“ and „Heaven is a Place on Earth: Church and Sacred Space in 13th-century Iceland“.

iii) Social and economic history of Iceland in the 12th and 13th centuries.

E.g. „Strangers in Icelandic Society 1100-1400“ and „From Reciprocity to Manorialism: On the Peasant Mode of Production in Medieval Iceland“.

iv) The North Atlantic.

E.g. „’Black Men and Malignant-Looking’: The Place of the Indigenous Peoples of North America in the Icelandic World View“„State-formation and pre-modern identities in the North: A synchronic perspective from the early 14th century“, „Minitema: Images of the North - Introduction“,„The Emergence of the North“ and „The Emergence of Norðrlönd in Old Norse Medieval Texts, ca. 1100-1400“.

v) Other projects related to medieval history.

E.g. Auðnaróðal.

vi) Hákonar saga.

One of the publishers of Hákonar saga (2013).


B. History of Breiðafjörður.

E.g. Saga Breiðfirðinga I. Fólk og rými frá landnámi til um 1400. Reykjavík: Sagnfræðistofnun, 2015.


C. Modern history.

i) Jón Sigurðsson and the 19th century.

E.g. „Icelandic medieval documents: From Diplomatarium Islandicum to digital publishing“.

ii) History of science and technology.

iii) History of the politics of alcohol in Iceland.