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Sverrir Jakobsson (b. 1970)

2005: Dr.phil. in History from the University of Iceland.
1994: MA in Medieval studies from the University of Leeds.
1993: BA in History from the University of Iceland; BA in Greek and Latin 2005.

2014: Professor in medieval history, University of Iceland.
2013-2014: Lecturer in medieval history, University of Iceland.
2010-2013: Adjunct lecturer in medieval and early history, University of Iceland.
2007–2010: Researcher at the School of Humanities. Project: Space and Power in Medieval Iceland.

World history before 1815; History of Iceland before 1815; The Icelandic world view, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Byzantine history.

Research interests
Icelandic and West Scandinavian World View in the Middle Ages, Medieval Thought Systems and the History of Space.

Experience with graduate students
Has supervised eight MA students to completion of essay, and is currently supervising six doctoral students.

Other important information
A research stipend from the Selma and Kay Langvad fund at the University of Iceland in 2011 (to strengthen cultural relations between Iceland and Denmark).
A research grant for the project History of Breiðafjörður, 2011-2013.

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