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I study the historical evolution, circulation and materialisation of cultural artefacts from an epistemic,  visual and linguistic standpoint.

The focus of my work lies on how everyday objects, artefacts and rituals encode/produce knowledge and how they can be used to obtain data on the set of attitudes, beliefs and assumptions societies have about themselves, O/others, their surroundings and the natural world.  I am interested in how external representations deploy images and words at an epistemic, ontological and cultural level.

In my project ReMedial Nature (Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship) (EU Horizon 2020, Grant Agreement 101026198), I explore how cultural representations, materialised in health-enhancing consumables, have been mobilised historically to imply a relation between nature, medicinal efficacy, (peripheral) identities and alternative (un)scientific knowledge(s). I carry out the project at the Cultural History since 1750 Research Group (KU Leuven), where I am a Marie Curie Fellow and as a visiting scholar at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science (University of Cambridge) and Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute (Leibniz Association).

My forthcoming publications include the monographs Indigeneity in Latin American Cinema (Bloomsbury, 2022), and Ontologies and Natures: Knowledge about Health in Visual Culture (Lexington / Rowman and Littlefield, 2022).

I welcome contact via email from fellow scholars working in similar fields and/or on related research topics.


PhD Visual Cultures. University of Amsterdam. 

MA Communication. Malmö University.

MA Linguistics. University of Amsterdam.

MA Romance Languages and Cultures. University of Iceland.

DEd Spanish Applied Linguistics. Nebrija University.

  • MENA. Stockholm University.
  • Associate Phd Student. University of Cambridge.
  • Latin American Studies Courses. Leiden University.
  • B.A. in Romance Languages and B.Phil. in Icelandic. University of Iceland. 

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