Lectures 2018

1) „Embodied Critical Thinking“, Conference of the New Materialism COST Network, The return of materialism(s)? Matter between science, theory and art, University of Iceland, April 13. http://newmaterialism.eu/updates/the-return-of-materialism-iceland

2) „Philosophy as a Woman: Reflections on Sophia in the Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius“, SWIP Ireland 6th Annual Conference, „Women in Philosophy: Past, Present and Future“, University College Dublin,  May 19. http://swip-ireland.com/index.php/news/153-6th-annual-conference-and-general-meeting-of-swip-ireland

Lectures 2017

1) „Philosophy of the Body“, Conference on „Embodiment and Emancipation“, Helsinki Collegium of Advaced Studes, April 6-7, http://blogs.helsinki.fi/embodiment-and-emancipation/program/

2) „Feminist Utopias and Philosophy as a Woman“, (opening lecture), conference „Feminist Utopias Transforming the Present of Philosophy“, University of Iceland 30.3. http://heimspekistofnun.hi.is/feminist_utopias_transforming_the_present_of_philosophy

3) „Philosophical practice and experiential, embodied knowledge: Reflections on Eugene Gendlin´s method of philosophical practice“. 7th Nordic Conference on Philosophical Practice, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 10. http://heimspekitorg.is/the-7th-nordic-conference-on-philosophical-practice/

4) „The Torn Robe of Sophia“, IAPH conference, Freie Universität Berlin, June 16. http://www.mvbz.fu-berlin.de/media/pdfs_docs/termine_170616_program_workshop_futures-of-feminist-philosophy.pdf

5) „Natur, Körper und leibliches Denken“, Seminar on „Natur: Positionen und Perspektiven feministischer Philosophie“, directed by Susanne Lettow, Institut für Philosophie, Freie Universität Berlin, June 22. http://www.fu-berlin.de/vv/de/lv/362489?m=243230&pc=256005&sm=314889

6) „Philosophy of tbe Body“, Nordic Summer University, Saulkrasti, Latvia, July 26,


7) „Embodied Thinking in Philosophy“, Nordic Summer University, Saulkrasti, Latvia, July 31,


8) „Natur, Geschlecht, Kritik. Einsätze feministischer Philosphie“, IAPH workshop, German Congress of Philosophy, Humboldt University Berlin, September 26, file:///C:/Users/sigrthor/Downloads/dgphil_katalog_web_190917.pdf

9) „Political Nihilism Today“, Who´s got the Power: Philosophical Critique of Social and Political Structures. Conference at the University of Iceland, October 7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eszftgbgwb8kd6h/Program.pdf?dl=0

10) „Hugsað með líkamanum“, Dáleiðslufélag Íslands, October 26.


Lectures 2016

1) “Gerda Walther´s Social Ontology and the Relations of the Sexes“, conference „Women Phenomenologists on Social Ontology“, University of Paderborn, February 12, http://kw1.uni-paderborn.de/institute-einrichtungen/institut-fuer-humanwissenschaften/philosophie/personal/hagengruber/women-in-phenomenology

2) “Emancipation of the Sexes for a more Harmonious World”, Berggruen Center for Philosophy and Culture, “Freedom and Harmony”, CASBS, Stanford University, March 13-14. http://philosophyandculture.berggruen.org/activities/903) “Gerda Walther´s social ontology and the harmonious relations of the sexes”, Nordic Society for Phenomenology – Annual Conference “Phenomenology and Beyond”, University of Iceland, April 23. http://www.hi.is/sites/default/files/ghg/nosp_2016_programme.pdf4) “The Philosophy of the Body”, Colloque International “Politiques de la Dignité”, Départment de Philosophie, Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, June 2. http://www.mondialisations.org/medias/pdf/ProgrammegeneralColloquePhilomai2016FR.pdf5) “Heimspeki líkamans, heimspeki í líkamanum” (“Philosophy of the Body, Philosophy in the Body”), Félag áhugamanna um heimspeki, University of Iceland, September 11. https://www.facebook.com/events/643657179127063/

6) “Love of the Sexes in Nietzsche’s Philosophy: Reflections on Antipathy, Empathy, and Self-Empathy“, Conference Nietzsche, Psychoanalysis and Feminism, Kingston University London, November 26.

7) „Love of the Sexes in Nietzsche’s Philosophy: Reflections on Antipathy, Empathy, and Self-Empathy“, Södertörn Unviersity, Department of Philosophy, December 9. http://www.erg.su.se/om-oss/evenemang/seminarier/seminariet-i-feministisk-kontinentalfilosofi-i-stockholm-sigridur-thorgeirsdottir-1.307055

8) „Little Europe“, Conference „25 Years of Trust Building in the Face of Global Challenges“. Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University (together with Nordic Council of Minister´s Office in Lithuania and Norwegian Embassy to Lithuania), December 16. http://www.tspmi.vu.lt/en/news/institute-news/academic-discussion-25-years-of-trust-building-in-the-face-of-global-challenges-1148


Lectures 2015

1)„Financial Capitalism as Debt-Economy – From Contractarianism to Ethics of Generosity”, Plenary lecture, Annual conference of the Philosophical Society of Finland, University of Jyväskylä, January 12.

2) „Philosophy of the Body Beyond Politics of Difference“, Christina Research Seminar, Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, May 5, http://www.helsinki.fi/genderstudies/about/researchseminar/pastevents.html

3) „Philosophy of the Body: Extending Politics of Difference to Politics of Commonalities”, Moral and Political Philosophy Research Seminar, University of Helsinki, May 19, http://blogs.helsinki.fi/mpp-seminar/

4) “Forgiveness, Debt and Generosity in Times of Financial Capitalism“, Honorary Fellow Martha Nussbaum Seminar: Reconciliation and Forgiveness, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, June 3–4, http://www.helsinki.fi/collegium/events/reconciliation/index.html

5) „The Origin of Religion in the Body“, 5th Nordic Conference in Philosophy of Religion, “The Origins of Religion in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studes, June 8-11 2015, University of Helsinki, http://blogs.helsinki.fi/nsprconference/program/

6) "Thinking out of the Body: Nietzsche between Butler and Irigaray", The Friedrich Nietzsche Society Conference 2015, “Nietzsche, Life, and the Art of Living”, September 18-20, https://fns.org.uk/node/342

7) "Die Transformationsmacht der feministischen Philosophie für die Reflexion" , "Forum für Philosophie", Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie, University of Rostock, October 8-10, http://www.iph.uni-rostock.de/uploads/media/ForumTagungProgramm_01.pdf

8) “Reading Irigaray and Butler in the Light of Nietzsche´s Philosophy of the Body”, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, October 29, https://nfyx.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/nfy-lecture-sigridur-thorgeirsdottir-reading-irigaray-and-butler-in-the-light-of-nietzsches-philosophy-of-the-body/

9) “Philosophie des Körpers und Philosophie aus dem Körper”, Lecture series: Feminismus und die Philosophie des Leibes, Institut für Philosophie, Freie Universität Berlin, December 8. http://www.fu-berlin.de/presse/informationen/fup/2015/fup_15_300-offener-hoersaal-feminismus-philosophie-des-leibes/index.html


Lectures 2014

1) „Nietzsches Philosophie im Spiegel der aktuellen feministischen Philosophie“, Kolloqium zur Philosophie, University of Paderborn, Germany, January 16. https://kw.uni-paderborn.de/institute-einrichtungen/institut-fuer-humanwissenschaften/philosophie/kolloquium-zur-philosophie/

2) „Heimspeki í verkum Kristínar Gunnlaugsdóttur á sýningunni Sköpunarverk“ („Philosophy in the art of Kristín Gunnlaugsdóttir“), Safnanótt, Listasafn Íslands, February 7.

3) „Siðveran í flækju veruleikans: Femínísk og pósthúmanísk siðfræði“ („The ethical subject and complex realities: Feminist ethics and posthumanism“), Hugvísindaþing, Háskóli Íslands, March 15. http://hugvis.hi.is/hagnytt_sidfraedi

4) „Environmental and Posthumanist Ethics”, FISP conference “Learning to be human”, Department of Philosophy, Peking University, March 27.

5) “Philosophy of Transing and Transformative Knowledge”, Transphilosophies. Symposium organized by Northern Lights Confucius Institute, the Center for Women's and Gender Research and Institute of Philosophy at the University of Iceland, April 23, 14-17. http://www.hi.is/vidburdir/malthing_transphilosophies_0

6) „Feminist and Transnational Feminist Philosophy: Theoretical and Practical Innovations within the Humanities“, Conference on  Body, Gender, and Philosophy East and West, The Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies,  Peking University. June 3.

7) „Feminist and Transnational Feminist Philosophy: Theoretical and Practical Innovations within the Humanities“,  Tsinghua University, Beijing, Department of Philosophy, June 2.

8) Participation in preparatory meeting of the Berggruen Insititute of Philosophy and Culture, New York University, September 19 and 20. http://philosophyandculture.com/

9) „Indebted Subjects“, The V. New Materialist Conference, „New Materialist Methodologies: Gender, Politics and the Digital“, Universidat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, September 26. http://newmaterialistconference.wordpress.com/programme/

10) „Nietzsches Philosophie der Schuld/en und die Kritik am Kapitalismus der Schuld-ökonomie“, plenary lecture, Jahrestagung der Nietzsche-Gesellschaft, Nietsche Dokumentationszentrum Naumburg, October 16. http://www.nietzsche-gesellschaft.de/assets/downloads/Tagungen/Programm2014.pdf

11) „Being Indebted: From a Contractarian to a Care Ethical Approach“ (Erkko Inaugural lecture), Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies, October 30, 2014. http://www.helsinki.fi/collegium/english/fellowships/erkko.htm


Lectures 2013

1) „Sýndarpólitík“ („Pseudo Politics“), Hugsað með Vilhjálmi. Málþing til heiðurs Vilhjálmi Árnasyni sextugum. Heimspekistofnun og Siðfræðistofnun, Háskóli Íslands, January 12.

2) „Discourses of the body in environmental ethics and how they make environmental ethics a radical field within the humanities“, International conference „Body-Power-Gender. Rethinking the Practice Turn“, University of Göttingen, Germany,  January  24-26. http://www.uni-goettingen.de/de/420388.html

3) „Róttæk og lágkúruleg illska“, Hvað er illska? („Radical and banal evil“), Málþing á vegum Heimspekistofnunar, EDDU-öndvegisseturs, Goethe Institut og Þýskra kvikmyndadaga, Háskóla Islands, March 21.

4) „Díótíma“, Kvenheimspekingar koma í kaffi, Háskóli Íslands, February 19.

5) Hannah Arendt, (together with Páll Skúlason), Kvenheimspekingar koma í kaffi, Háskóli Íslands, April 4.

6) „Nietzsche´s Philosophy of Natality in Light of Arendt, Beauvoir and Irigaray“, Conference of the Nordic Society of Phenomenology, University of Copenhagen, April 19. http://cfs.ku.dk/uploads/Programme_NoSP_2013_v1.9.pdf/

7) „Relational and multiple selves in light of Kierkegaard´s Sickness unto Death“ (keynote), „Kierkegaard’s Philosophical Psychology: The Sickness unto Death“, Conference of the Institute for Philosophy, The Nordic Network of Kierkegaard Research and Søren Kierkegaard Forskningscenteret at University of Copenhagen, University of Iceland, May 23. http://www.hi.is/vidburdir/radstefna_kierkegaards_philosophical_psychology_the_sickness_unto_death_1

8) Irigaray’s concept of life in light of Nietzsche’s philosophy of life“, Irigaray Circle Conference 2013: Thinking Life, University of Bergen, June 7.


9) „Heimspeki, guðfræði og pólitík“ (Philosophy, Theology and Politics), Prédikunarsemínar, Skálholt, October 7. http://kirkjan.is/kjalarnessprofastsdaemi/2013/08/predikunarseminar-2013/#more-1133

10) „Hugsuðu þær öðruvísi? Konur í heimspeki frá fornöld til samtímans“ („Did they think differently? Women in the history of philosophy and contemporary philosophy?“), Heimspekikaffi, Bláa kannan, Akureyri.

11) „Hugsuðu þær öðruvísi? Konur í heimspeki frá fornöld til samtímans“ („Did they think differently? Women in the history of philosophy and contemporary philosophy.“) Félag áhugamanna um heimspeki, Hannesarholt, December 9.


Lectures 2012

1) „EDDA Center of Excellence in Critical Contemporary Studies“, International Research Network in Advanced Gender Studies (RINGS), Linköping University, January 24.

2) „Að virkja heimspekilegar hugmyndir: Alþjóðlegi jafnréttisskólinn“ („Putting Philosophical Ideas to Work: The GEST Programme“), Félag heimspekinema, Háskóli Íslands, January 31.

3) „Why Environmental Ethics is a radical Field within the Humanities“, Conference of Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES) „Environmental Policy-Making in a Dynamic World“, University Regional Research Centre in Höfn, Hornafjörður, May 18. https://edda.hi.is/?p=3874#more-3874

4) „Feminist and Transnational Philosophy“, Conference of the Nordic Network of Women in Philosophy in cooperation with EDDA-Center of Excellence and the Institute of Philosophy University of Iceland, September 8, https://edda.hi.is/?p=4059

5) „Conflict and Suffering: Philosophical and Political Perspectives“, University Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile, October 28. https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/fa.philos-l/FKOaO9ujmls

6) „Kreppa pólitíkur – Kreppa lýðræðis“ („Crisis of politics – Crisis of Democracy“), Bændasamtökin, 30.11.

7) Author meets Critics. Krzysztof Michalski: „The Flame of Eternity: An Interpretation of Nietzsche's Thought”, American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting, Atlanta, December 28, http://www.bu.edu/paideia/kjsna/conference.html

8) Roundtable discussion, „Karl Jaspers and Hannah Arendt: Relevance of Their Ways of Life and Thinking”, American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting, Atlanta, December 29, http://www.bu.edu/paideia/kjsna/conference.html


Lectures 2011

1) „Hver erum við sem erum innblásinn af íslenskri náttúru?“, Conference of the Humanities, Háskóla Íslands, March 26.

2) „Arendt and Nietzsche on Performative Politics in Times of Crisis“, Conference of the Nordic Society for Phenomenology: „Phenomenology in Times of Crisis“, University of Iceland, April 28.

3) „Að lifa af – kapítalismann“ („Surviving capitalism“), Landsbankinn, March 31.

4) „Leikhús stjórnmálanna, trúðar og avant garde pólitískar hreyfingar“ („The theatre of politics, clowns and avant-garde political movements“). EDDA Center of Excellence and Institute of International Affairs Centre for Small State Studies, University of Iceland, May 18.

5) „Um menningu heimspekinnar“ („The Culture of Philosophy“), Association of Philosophy Teachers, May 25.

6) „Von Peripherie zu Peripherie. Transnationale Geschlechterstudien“, Universitätsvorlesung: Peripherie und Zentrum. Geschlechterforschung und die Potenziale der Philosophie“, Institut für Philosophie, Freie Universität Berlin, June 7.

7) „Whence and Whither: Nordic gender studies in a transnational age and the GEST-Programme at the University of Iceland“, Centre for Gender Research (25th anniversary celebration conference), University of Oslo, August 30.

8) „Fordómar heimspekinga“ („Prejudices of the Philosophers“), Conference of the Research Institute of Universities, Institute of Philosophy, Center for Ethics and Association of Philosophyteachers: Kennsla gagnrýninnar hugsunar og siðfræði (Teaching critical thinking and ethics), University of Iceland, October 1.

9) „Jafnréttisbarátta í vísindum og fræðum“ („Gender Equality and Science“), Equality Days, University of Iceland, October 20.

10) „Philosophy in an Age of Transition“, International Anniversary Conference of The Centre for Women´s and Gender Research, University of Iceland, November 5.


Lectures 2010

1) „Kultur und Krise in Island“, with Wolfgang Edelstein, March 18, Bilderhaus, Gschwend, Germany.

2) „Transcultural Dialogues: The Gender Equality Training Programme“, (with Irma Erlingsdóttir), Preserving the Future: Sustainability of Language, Culture and Nature, The Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages at the University of Iceland, April 16.

3) „Cross-cultural borderlines: gender equality programmes as sites of resistance”, (with Irma Erlingsdóttir), Transnational/Global Feminism: Issues, Contestations, Challenges, University of Bergen, May 26.

4) „Eine fruchtbare oder furchtbare Freundschaft?: Die Philosophie Nietzsches im Spiegel von Philosophinnen im 20. Jahrhundert“, Conference of the Friedrich-Nietzsche-Stiftung and Friedrich Nietzsche Gesellschaft, „Manche werden posthum geboren.“ Friedrich Nietzsches Wirkungen. October 14-17, Naumburg, Germany.

5) „Can Women ´save the world´? Not alone”. Conference of CEMUS, Uppsala University and Sigtuna Foundation, Climate Existence 2010, November 1-3.

6) „Nietzsches Philosophie im Spiegel von Philosophinnen im 20. Jahrhundert (Beauvoir, Arendt, Irigaray, Butler)“. Department of Philosophy. University of Leiden, Holland. November 26.

7) „Er Moby Dick 'máttug mær'? Um kreppu karlmennsku og kynjasamskipta í hvalveiðisögu Melville“. Staðlausir stafir – Conference in honor of Helga Kress, RIKK Center for Gender Studies og EDDA Center of Excellence, University of Iceland, Desember 4.


Lectures 2009

1) „Feminist Philosophy, deconstruction and reconstruction”, („Femínísk heimspeki, afbygging og endurmat”), Conference of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Iceland, March 14, 2009.

2) „Nietzsche and Arendt on Empowerment and Change”, 7th annual conference of the Nordic Society for Phenomenology, Tampere, Finland, April 23-25, 2009.

3) „State of Exception, Shock and Emergency Law”, Philosophical Society, University of Iceland, May 20, 2009.

4) „State of Exception and the Political Sphere”, University of Iceland, Málþing til heiðurs Halldóri Guðjónssyni sjötugum, May 27, 2009.

5) Participant in a round-table discussion with His Holyness Dalai Lama, Páll Skúlason, Pétur Pétursson and Ástráður Eysteinsson, University of Iceland, June 2, 2009.

6) „Education as Empowerment: The Gender Equality Training Programme in Iceland.” Presentation with Irma Erlingsdóttir, Conference on Women Negotiating Peace – Experiences, Obstacles, Opportunities, University of Iceland, June 20, 2009.

7) „Body, Nature and Biopolitics”, 2nd biannual conference of Nordic Society for Religion, Unversity of Iceland, June 26-28, 2009.

8) „Metaphysics in the Time of Nature” („Frumspekin á tímum náttúrunnar”), Náttúran í ljósaskiptunum, conference on nature in phenomenology and Asian philosophy, University of Iceland, September 19, 2009.

9) „Can Ethics say something about Society?” („Hefur siðfræðin eitthvað að segja um samfélagið?”), Siðfræði og samfélag, Lecture series of the Institute of Ethics, October 2, 2009.

10) ”Transnational Dialogue. The Gender Equality Training Program at the University of Iceland” („Þverþjóðleg samræða. Jafnréttissetur við Háskóla Íslands”), with Irma Erlingsdóttir, Unifem lecture series, Reykjavík, October 3, 2009.

11) „The Transnational Gender Equality Training Program at the University of Iceland” (with Irma Erlingsdóttir and Annadís G. Rudólfsdóttir), EDDA´s Symposium: The Global Crisis, Transnational Reconfigurations, and Local Contexts, November 14, University of Iceland, http://stofnanir.hi.is/gendiv/edda´s_symposium_14th_november_askja_university_iceland.

12) „Can politics be saved? Thinking with Hannah Arendt” („Er pólitíkinni viðbjargandi? Hugsað með Hönnuh Arendt”), Philosophical café, University of Akureyri and The Philosophical Society, November 29, 2009.

Lectures 2008

1) „Genetic scan and ‘consumer genetics’ - Overview of a controversy in Iceland”, PHGEN Network Meeting, „Public Health Genomics – From Policy Development to Assurance”, Hinxton, Cambridge University, January 23-25, 2008. (http://www.phgen.nrw.de/typo3/index.php?id=55).

2) „Egoism, Altruism and Transcendence: Nietzsche and Tugendhat”, conference on Phenomenology and Religion: New Frontiers, Södertörn University College, May 15, 2008. (http://www.philosophy.se/frontpage.html).

3) „Philosophies of Birth and Ordinary life. Reflections on Arendt and Nietzsche”, conference of Network of Nordic Women in Philosophy, University of Oslo, June 9-10, 2008. (http://www.isv.liu.se/content/1/c6/10/25/02/Invitation_Philosophy_Ordinary_Life.pdf).

4) „Ábyrgð á fortíð og framtíð”, málþing um „Ábyrgð, vald og þjóð”, Háskólabíó, October 25, 2008.


Lectures 2007

1) Panelist on Varieties of Totalitarianism. Arendt’s Sociology of Modernity and Evil. Hannah Arendt. Critical Encounters. Moderna Museet. Stockholm, January 13, 2007.

2) „Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Birth and the Natal Self”, Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, May 8, 2007.

3) „The Natal Body: Reflections on Birth and Death in Nietzsche’s Philosophy”, Nordic Society of Philosophy of Religion, University of Oslo, June 8-10. (http://www.tf.uio.no/nspr/nspr-conference.html).

4) „The Natal Body: The Theme of Birth in Nietzsche´s Philosophy“, Conference on Femininity and Embodiment, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinky, May 15-16, 2007. (http://www.helsinki.fi/collegium/events/femininity&embodiment.htm).

5) „Body and Birth in Nietzsche´s Philosophy“, conference on „Art, Body and Nature“, The Mygdal Project, Mygdal, Denmark, May 3-6, 2007. (http://www.mygdal.net/).

6) „Um sannleik og listir”, Reykjavik International Filmfestival, Nordic House, September 30, 2007.

7) „Guð sem karl eða kona – eða hvorugt?”, Hallgrímskirkja. Fræðslumorgnar, October 7, 2007.

8) „Er guð sem karl eða kona dauð(ur)? Um trúarheimspeki Luce Irigaray”, Krossgötur kynjarannsókna. Ráðstefna um stöðu og leiðir kvenna- og kynjarfræða, November 9, 2007.

9) „Hugmyndir Hönnuh Arendt um borgaralega virkni”, Ráðstefna um borgaralega virkni. Reykholt, November 3, 2007.

10) „Vita activa og vita contemplativa. Hugleiðingar um samband heimspeki og stjórnmála í kenningum Hönnuh Arendt”, Vísindafélag Íslendinga/Societas Scientiarum Islandica, Nordic House, November 28, 2007.


Lectures 2006

1) „Biopolitics and Genetics”, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin, March 19, 2006.

2) „Nietzsche on the Body as Nature”, Nordic Society of Phenomenology, annual conference, University of Iceland, April 23, 2006.

3) „Aesthetics of Nature beyond Naturalism and Constructivism”, conference on aesthetics, Institute of Philosophy, University of Iceland, April 29, 2006.

3) „Is the Philosophical Canon Masculinist?”, The Icelandic Centre for Research, September 19, 2006.

4) „Was J.S. Mill a Liberal or Radical feminist’”, conference on J.S. Mill, University of Iceland, September 23, 2006.


Lectures 2005

1) „Erfahrungen mit der Biobank in Island“, Biobanken - Forschung und Persönlichkeitsschutz, Stiftung für Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit, Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, Rüchlikon/Zürich, April 21, 2005.

2) Heild sem gerir mann heilan: Um siðfræði náttúrufegurðar, Pálsstefna, University of Iceland, April 8, 2005.

3) „Nature's Wholeness and Nature's Otherness. Aesthetical Aspects of Sustainability“, Nordic Society for Social Ethics, Skálholt, June 8, 2005.

4) „Nature's Wholeness“, conference on Nature of Spaces, University of Iceland, June 9, 2005.


Lectures 2004

1)“Progress: Illusion, hope or reality?“, Loki, Kornhladan, Reykjavik, March 7, 2004.

2)“Progress, Dilemmas and Breast Augmentation“, Technology in Society and Society in Technology, , University of Iceland, March 18, 2004.

3) „Art, Birth and Death“, Aesthetics, conference of the Department of Philosophy in honor of professor Arnór Hannibalsson, University of Iceland, April 24, 2004.

4) „Birth and death in Nietzsche's philosophy“, 11th Symposium of the International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh) Göteborg, Sweden from 17–19 June 2004 (IAPH).

5) „The controversy on consent in the Icelandic database case and narrow bioethics“, International ELSAGEN conference: Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Human Genetic Databases, University of Iceland, August 26, 2004. (http://www.elsagen.net/).

6) „John Stuart Mill um kúgun og frelsun kvenna“, Karlahópur Femínistafélags Íslands, Grand Rokk, September 28, 2004.

7) „Vísindamenning og framfaratrú“, Málþing Vísindafélags Íslendinga, University of Iceland, October 30, 2004.


Lectures 2003

1) „Bioethics in Trouble“, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, Washington DC, May 21, 2003.

2) „Genes of a Nation“, The New York Consortium on Science and Society, New York University, September 17, 2003.

3) „Genes of a Nation“, The Kennedy School of Government, September 22, 2003.

4) „Genes of a Nation“, University Center for Human Values, Princeton University, September 26, 2003.


Lectures 2002

1) „Autonomie als Wert und als Maßstab für den Lebensstandard am Beispiel eines biopolitischen Falles in Island“, University of St. Gallen, Svitzerland, January18, 2002.

2) „Hver erum við? Hugmyndir Jürgens Habermas um framtíð Evrópu“, The Society of Icelandic Historians, January 22, 2002.

3) „Samveldi Evrópu. Hugmyndir Jürgens Habermas um framtíð Evrópu“, „The Day of Europe” conference, University of Iceland, May 8, 2002.

4) „A small country grappling with the challenges of biotechnology: An episode for bioethics“, Franco-German Bioethics Forum, Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Germany and France, „Towards a Global Bioethic“, Berlin, June 3-4, 2002.

5) „Nietzsche on Death and Immortality“, Department of Philosophy, Technische Universität Berlin, July 16, 2002.

6) „Wie ein kleines Land mit den Herausforderungen der neuen Biotechnologiefertig wird: Ein lehrreicher Fall für die Bioethik“, Technische Universität Berlin, July 18, 2002.

7) „Wie ein kleines Land mit den Herausforderungen der neuen Biotechnologie fertig wird: Ein lehrreicher Fall für die Bioethik“. (Annual Conference of the German National Ethics Council), Berlin, October 24, 2002. (See media coverage about the lecture and the conference in the Spiegel: (http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/mensch/0,1518,219937,00.html), and the German Medical Journal: http://www.aerzteblatt.de/v4/archiv/artikel.asp?id=34261).)

8. „ Heimspeki Bjargar C. Þorláksson í evrópsku samhengi”, Conference on the Work of Björg C. Þorláksson, Center for Women’s Studies, University of Iceland, November 29, 2002.


Lectures 2001

1) „Kvenna megin”, Center for Women’s Studies, March 22, 2001.

2) „Nietzsche’s Critique of the Sublimation of Woman in Philosophy as a Sublimation of Life and Death“. Nos-H Meeting at the Department of Philosophy University of Copenhagen, June 8, 2000.

3) A Science of two Cultures and of two Sexes. The Philosophy of Björg C. Thorlaksson (1874-1934). Nordic Society of Women in Philosophy, Reykjavík, September 22, 2001.


Lectures 2000

1) „Bioinformation and Bioethics“. XXIIIth Inter-Nordic Symposium in Philosophy, University of Bergen, May 18. –21, 2000.

2) „Bioinformation und Bioethik. Beispiel eines Isländischen Falles“. Department of Philosophy, Rostock University, June 28, 2000.

3) „Die Schwierigkeit an dem humanistischen Prinzip der aufgeklärten Einwilligung in post-humanistischen Zeiten festzuhalten“. Department of Philosophy, Jena University, July 12, 2000.

4) „Sagan, minnið og gleymskan“. The Society of Icelandic Historians, October 17, 2000.