Welcome to my page on The lay of Arinbjörn

This is a website for my doctoral thesis and related work. I plan to defend my thesis in February 2019 (updated November 218). The name in English and Icelandic:

Arinbjarnarkviða, varðveisla, bragform og útgáfa

The poem of Arinbjörn, textual preservation, meter, and an edition

The poem of Arinbjorn is only found on page 99v in Modruvallabok. It is currently unreadable. Current editions rely on a transcript in AM 146 folio and a reading by Finnur Jónsson  in 1886-1888.

My supervisor is Professor Kristján Árnason.

My plan is a) to read page 99v anew, using IR and UV pictures, b) to use a 17th-century transcript that is older and better than AM 146 folio and c) to identify and use the most reliable theories on the meter and the language of the poem for corrections.

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