Professor at the School of Education

Biographical note
I have been a faculty member at the University of Iceland School of Education since 2014. I am currently within the Faculty of Subject Teacher Education.
  I completed MA in philosophy from Brown University in 1984, and PhD in Education from the University of Iceland in 2013.
  I was a teacher in a comprehensive secondary school in Akranes from 1986 till 2001 and, after that, first vice-principal and then principal of the same school.
  Publications in Icelandic include books on philosophical topics, papers on philosophy, social issues, and literature as well as translations of poetry. 

Research interests
Current research interests include curriculum theory, philosophy of education, ethics of teaching, philosophy of mind, the works of John Dewey, and cross-disciplinary studies of poetry and education.

Current administrative responsibilities
- Chair of the Studies Board for Upper Secondary School Teaching (Icel. Námsstjórn um menntun framhaldsskólakennara), appointed by the Rector of the University of Iceland.


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