About me

I am Dean and Associate professor  at the School of Education, University of Iceland.

©Kristinn Ingvarsson

I earned a phd in Education from the University of Iceland in 2012. Before becoming a teacher and researcher in 2007, I was an educator and department leader at Reykjavík and took an active role in the development of out-of school centres for young school-aged children.

My main research interests include children and youth studies, formal and informal education, professionalism and collaboration

In March 2017 I was elected chairperson for the Icelandic Educational Research Association (Félag um menntarannsóknir). The aim of this association is to create a platform for discussions on educational research and promote excellence in educational research. Further information is found on our website www.fum.is.

School-home collaboration
I have five children born in 1986, 1991, 1994, 1997 and 2001. I have participated in school and home collaboration on numerous occasions at all levels of school. For example, I served as chair for the parent council at Fjölbrautarskóli Garðabæjar [FG high-school] during the years 2010-2013.