From 2023       Exemplaria, Bloomington, IN
Member of Advisory Board (Exemplaria)

From 2022       Brepols, Turnhout, Belgium
Member of Editorial Board (Gender and Sexuality in the Global Middle Ages)

From 2022       Venice University Press, Venice, Italy
Member of Editorial Board (Scandinavica Venetiana)

From 2017       Boydell & Brewer, Cambridge UK
Series-editor of Studies in Old Norse Literature

From 2018       L'Erma di Bretschneider, Rome, Italy
Member of Editorial Board (Philologia Classica e Medievale)

2020–2024     New Chaucer Society, Miami, FL
Trustee (by election) of the NCS

2020–2023     Institute of Research in Literature and Visual Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland
Chairman (Bókmennta- og listfræðastofnun)

2019–2022      The Árni Magnússon Institute, Reykjavík, Iceland
Selection Committee for Snorri Sturluson Fellowships (appointed by Ministry of Education)

2022      Irish Research Council (IRC), Dublin, Ireland
Panel member for Laureate Awards Programme (IRCLA)

2021      Irish Research Council (IRC) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Dublin, Ireland, and London, UK
Panel member for Digital Humanities Call

2016–2020     Medieval Academy of America, Cambridge, MA, USA
- Member of Nominating Committee (by election; 2019-2020)
- Member of MAA Leeds IMC Program Committee (by appointment 2016-2020; as Interim Chair in 2017 and Chair in 2020)

2018–2019      The National Science Centre, Kraków, Poland
Expert panel member for Humanities grant schemes

2017–2018      Irish Research Council (IRC), Dublin, Ireland
Panel member for Laureate Awards (IRCLA)

2015–2016      HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area), The Hague, the Netherlands
Member of the International Review Panel (and ongoing external reviewer)

2013–2015     The Icelandic Research Fund, Reykjavík, Iceland
- Chair of Expert Panel for Humanities (2014-2015)
- Member of Expert Panel (2013-14)

2012-2019      International Arthurian Society, Nordic Branch
- President (2016-2019)
- Treasurer/Secretary (and founder) (2012-2016)

From 2012      Centre of Cognitive Studies
Board member (and co-founder)

2009–2014     New Chaucer Society, St. Louis, MO
- Chair of Local Arrangement Committee (Reykjavik Congress) (2012-2014)
- Associate Executive Director (Portland Congress) (2010-2012)
- Assistant Executive Director (Siena Congress) (2009-2010)


INTERNAL APPOINTMENTS (University of Iceland)

From 2018     Member of the Editorial Committee for Ritið (peer-reviewed journal)

From 2018     Member of the Science Committee for the School of Humanities

2020-2022     Board member for the Centre for Research in the Humanities

2018-2020     Board member and Chair of Expert Panel for the Humanities for the University of Iceland Research Fund

2016–2020     Permanent Departmental Representative on job committees

2016–2018     Member of Departmental Council

2012–2014     Head of the Graduate Studies Committee

Tenure Committee (2016)

Selection Committee for academic posts (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2020)

Evaluation Committee for academic posts (2013)