Public Outreach

A selection of interviews, radio talks and public engagements can be found below:

BBC World Service, The Forum - Valkyries: Fierce Women of War (July 2020)
An hour-long programme hosted by Bridget Kendall with Judith Jesch and Marianne Hem Eriksen
Link to the discussion programme on the BBC World

RÚV (National Public Radio), Samtal um tilfinningar (a series featuring discussions of emotion) - Emotion in Medieval Literature (April 2020)
An hour-long discussion programme hosted by Ævar Kjartansson with guest host Torfi Tulinius featuring a single expert on a particular topic
Link to the interview on RÚV

Kjarninn (a prominent online news journal featuring in-depth discussions of current topics) - 'Emotions and their Manifestations' (2018)
An interview by Bára Huld Beck on emotions in literature and culture and how it relates to us today
Link to the interview on

L'Obs (prev. Le Neuvel Observateur) (a prominent French weekly general information magazine) - 'Vive les femmes!' (2012)
Interview with Doan Bui for article on women in Iceland to provide information on women in history
Nouvel Observateur interview 2012

Thorleif Dahl Kulturbibliotek (The Thorleif Dahl Cultural Library Foundation) - roundtable discussion on embodied emotions (scheduled for spring 2020, postponed due to COVID-19)
A roundtable discussion with Jon Gunnar Jørgensen and neuropsychologist and fiction writer Ylva Østby intended for a general audience

RÚV (National Public Radio) - various appearances on radio programmes discussing emotions, medieval literature, maiden kings, feminism and medieval literature, sex in the Middle Ages