Research Group in Environmental Fluid Dynamics

Research under the direction of Dr. Gardarsson is in the field of Environmental Fluid Dynamics.  The focus areas are interaction of fluid and air with the environment with emphasis on practical application in hydraulic design, and water quality.  The research is theoretical, computational, and field based.

Research results are published in journal articles.

Dr. Gardarsson leads the Research Cluster GEORG (GEOthermal Research Group) that was awarded seven year grant by the Science and Technology Policy Council of Iceland 2009-2015. GEORG is now a independent company with five employees with dr. Gardarsson as the Chairman. GEORG is organizing a GEORG Geothermal Workshop 2018 in November.

Institute of Environmental Engineering research.

Current Students working on Research Projects

  1. Darri Eyþórsson, Ph.D. student. Working title: Predictability of short term to seasonal ablation in different heterogeneous snow impacted catchments
  2. Andri Gunnarsson, Ph.D. student. Working title: Snow surface energy exchanges and snowmelt in Icelandic highlands
  3. Morgane Celine Priet-Mahéo, Ph.D. student (PhD committee member). Working title:  Environmental research in Lake Lagarfljot
  4. Lahcen Bouhlali, Ph.D. student, Reykjavik University (PhD committee member). Working title: Lagrangian Dynamics in Convective Turbulence

Graduated PhD Students

  1. Elizabeth Anne Unger, Ph.D. 2018 (in doctoral committee). Title: Renewable and Conventional Energy Sources, Cross-Border Interactions, and Electricity Prices within the Nord Pool Market.
  2. Irina Kampel, University of Vienna, Ph.D. 2017 (in doctoral committee). Title: Vortex induced hydrodynamic impact upstream of sluice gates.
  3. Snjólaug Ólafsdóttir, Ph.D. 2014.  Thesis title: The Fate of Hydrogen Sulfide from Geothermal Power Plants in Iceland.  Funded by Landsvirkjun and Orkuveita Reykjavikur.
  4. María J. Gunnarsdóttir, Ph.D. 2012.  Thesis title: Water Safety Planning and safety of drinking water.  Funded by UOOR.

Graduated MS students

  1. Sturla Sigurðarsson, M.Sc., 2017. Thesis title: Tengsl niðurgangstilfella við frávik í vatnsveitum og mikla úrkomu.
  2. Sidney Marschollek, M.Sc., 2017. Thesis title: Discharge Modelling of the Tungnaá River in Iceland using the Hype Model.
  3. Snævarr Örn Georgsson, M.Sc., 2016. Thesis title: Samspil grunnvatns og rennsli Tungnaár.
  4. Urbanus Kioko Mbithi, M.Sc., 2016. Thesis title: Interpretation of Feedzones to Map Sub-surface Permeability Structures and Natural State Simulation: A Case Study of Olkaria Domes Geothermal System in Kenya.
  5. Sveinn Gauti Einarsson, M.Sc., 2016. Thesis title: Feasibility of a wind farm at Sandvíkurheiði.
  6. Darri Eyþórsson, M.Sc., 2015. Thesis title: Development of a multivariable ablation forecasting model for Brúarjökull in South East Iceland. Funded by Landsvirkjun
  7. Reynir Óli Þorsteinsson, M.Sc., 2015. Thesis title: Improving spring melt calc. of surface runoff in the Upper Þjórsá River using measured snow accumulation.
  8. Bjarki Ómarsson, M.Sc., 2015. Thesis title: Ebb Shoal Water Depth at Hornafjörður Tidal Inlet with Respect to Sediment Transport. Funded by the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration.
  9. Ásbjörn Egilsson, M.Sc., 2015. Thesis title: Frumathugun á virkjun Múlaár í Gilsfirði.
  10. Seyedeh Masoumeh Safavi, 2015 (co-advisor). Thesis title: Enhanced methane production using pulsed electric field pre-treatment.
  11. Halla Bryndís Jónsdóttir, M.Sc., 2014. Thesis title: Hermun framburðar í inntakslóni Laxárvirkjana.
  12. Birta Kristín Helgadóttir, 2014. Thesis title: Possible impacts of climate change on the wind energy potential in Búrfell. Funded by Landsvirkjun.
  13. Ólafur Birgir Davíðsson, M.Sc., 2014 (co-advisor). Thesis title: Bayesian Flood Frequency Analysis using Monthly
  14. Kjartan Elíasson, M.Sc., 2014 (co-advisor).  Thesis title: Mapping Evaluation of the Future Arctic. Implications for Iceland.
  15. Helgi Sigurðarson, M.Sc., 2014 (co-advisor).  Thesis title: Bayesian Generalized Rating Curves.  Funded by the Icelandic Research Fund.
  16. Kevin Franke, M.Sc., 2013.  Thesis title: Investigation of the complex flow in high energy spillways by means of computational modelling and experiments.  Funded by Landsvirkjun.
  17. Gísli Steinn Pétursson, M.Sc., 2013.  Thesis title: Model Investigation of a Low Froude number Roller Bucket at Urriðafoss HEP.  Funded by Landsvirkjun.
  18. Ágúst Guðmundsson, M.Sc., 2013.  Thesis title: Model Investigations of a Juvenile Fish Bypass System at Urriðafoss HEP.  Funded by Landsvirkjun.
  19. Anna Heiður Eydísardóttir, M.Sc., 2013 (co-advisor).  Thesis title: Relating measured physical roughness of hydropower waterways to hydraulic roughness.
  20. Magnús Bernhard Gíslason, M.Sc., 2012 (co-advisor).  Thesis title: Straumfræðileg hermun jökulhlaups niður suðurhlíðar Eyjafjallajökuls í apríl 2010: Ákvörðun Manningsstuðuls.
  21. Andri Gunnarsson, M.Sc., 2012.  Thesis title: Physical Model Investigation on the Hvammur HEP Spillway.  Funded by Landsvirkjun.
  22. Helgi Gunnar Gunnarsson, M.Sc., 2012.  Thesis title: Öldureiknilíkan fyrir strönd Akraness og Akraneshöfn.
  23. Tinna Þórarinsdóttir, M.Sc., 2012.  Thesis title: Development of a methodology for estimation of Technical Hydropower potential in Iceland using high resolution Hydrological Modeling.  Funded by the Icelandic Met Office.
  24. Fjalarr Páll Mánason, M.Sc., 2012, (co-advisor).  Thesis title: Bayesian flood analysis with added uncertainty in extreme discharge measurements.
  25. Fannar Gíslason, M.Sc., 2011.  Thesis title: Sediment transport modelling along the South Coast of Iceland.  Funded by the Icelandic Maritime Administration.
  26. Kristinn Már Ingimarsson, M.Sc., 2009, (co-advisor).  Thesis title: Discharge Rating Curves Using Bayesian Statistics.
  27. Charles Ruesch, M.Sc., 2007, (from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, Lyon, France).  Thesis title: Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Project. Hálslón Reservoir: Influence of Sedimentation and Climate Change on Electricity Production during the next 100 years.
  28. Eiríkur Gíslason, M.Sc., 2007.  Thesis title: Assessing avalanche hazard in ski areas with the SAMOS 2D snow avalanche model.  Funded by the Icelandic Met Office.
  29. Snjólaug Ólafsdóttir, M.Sc., 2007.  Thesis title: Modeling of hydrogen sulfide concentration in Reykjavik City due to emissions from geothermal power plants.  Funded by the Environmental Agency of Reykjavik City.
  30. Sveinbjörn Jónsson, M.Sc., 2007.  Thesis title: Flood Routing with Limited Data.
  31. María Stefánsdóttir, M.Sc., 2006, (from the University of Washington, USA).  Thesis title: A simulation of the 9500 year glacial sediment delivery and deposition history of Lake Lagarfljot.
  32. María J. Gunnarsdóttir, M.Sc., 2005.  Thesis title: Water Quality and Water Protection.  Funded by Samorka.
  33. Reynir Sævarsson, M.Sc., 2004.  Thesis title: Analysis of Skerjafjordur Sewage System.  Funded by Reykjavik Sewage System.