Samtal við Samfélagið: The Icelandic Sociology Podcast

The hosts of the Icelandic Sociology Podcast. Photo ©Kristinn Ingvarsson

I am, along with Kjartan Sveinsson, the host of the Icelandic Sociology Podcast. In our podcast, we feature prominent Icelandic and international sociologists as well as scholars from other disciplines and individuals who are engaged in projects with societal and sociological value. Most episodes are in Icelandic, but several are in English.

Our podcast is hosted at Kjarninn and the link to it can be found here:

All episodes: https://kjarninn.is/hladvarp/samtal-vid-samfelagid/

Episodes in English: https://kjarninn.is/hladvarp/samtal-vid-samfelagid-english/

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Our podcast celebrated its 1 year anniversary on November 27th, 2018

Happy birthday to our podcast

I also sometimes visit other podcasts. Here I am speaking with my aunt, Auður Axelsdóttir, about mental health