The Research Centre

The University of Iceland Reseach Centre in Northwest Iceland (Rannsóknasetur Háskóla Íslands á Norðurlandi vestra) is one of nine research centres run by the University of Iceland in different parts of the country under the umbrella of The University of Iceland‘s Institute of Research Centres. The Institute's objectives are to meet the demand for research and education all over Iceland, to provide facilities for research projects dealing with local environmental and societal conditions, to provide facilities for students’ field work, to increase access to research based education in rural areas, and to strengthen the University’s ties to local enterprises and daily life in rural areas.

The academic focus of the research centre in northwest Iceland is history and I have been its director since 1 February 2018. The centre is located at:

Einbúastígur 2, 545 Skagaströnd, Iceland

The research centre has a facebook page with regular updates about what we are up to: