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EuroBIC-15, Reykjavik 2020

The bi-annual Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry EuroBIC was scheduled to take place in Iceland in 2020. Sigridur G. Suman was the Conference Organizer in Iceland and chair of the local organizing committee.

The EuroBIC-15 Conference was scheduled to include eight Plenary speakers, 32 Keynote speakers, and over 200 oral presentation to take place in four parallel sessions. In addition there was ample space to accommodate all posters in the usual two poster sessions. Two EurobBIC Medalists were selected because the nomination committee felt both candidates were highly deserving this honor: Prof. Kallol Ray, Humbolt University-Berlin, and Prof. Aidan McDonald, Trinity College, Dublin.

Registration was suspended in April as a precaution to monitor the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic and eventually cancelled.

Conference local committee worked with the EuroBIC meeting board to host a 2-day EuroBIC-15 Webinar instead featuring most of the Plenary speakers and one of the EuroBIC Medal Awardees. The Webinar was hosted from the University of Zürich and Sigridur Suman, EurobBIC-15 Chair, and Eva Freisinger, EuroBIC Secretary, co-chaired the Sessions. Some efforts were taken to time the presentations in such a way as to allow as many participants as possible to join from different time zones. There were no registration fees and in total almost 300 individual participants that were truly from all continents: Europe 144, North America 47, South America and Mexico 24, Asia 69 (with 48 from India), Australia and New Zealand 11, as well as one participant from South Africa.

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Hagnýtingarverðlaun 2013

_a9t3909Nýstárleg aðferð til þess að breyta nitri í ammóníak sem mun auðvelda áburðarframleiðslu varð hlutskörpust í samkeppninni um Hagnýtingarverðlaun Háskóla Íslands. Þau voru afhent í fimmtánda sinn í Hátíðasal skólans í dag.

Alls barst 21 tillaga í samkeppnina af flestum fagsviðum skólans og voru mörg verkefnanna afar vel unnin að mati dómnefndar auk þess að vera frumleg, hagnýt og samfélagslega mikilvæg. Eftir nokkra yfirlegu valdi dómnefnd þrjú verkefni sem hún taldi hlutskörpust. Continue reading

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