My research is in the field of Early Childhood Education. My work can roughly be catogorized into four groups:

1.        Research with teachers

  1. My doctoral theses was a qualitative study on the pedagogical work and beliefs of two early childhood teachers.
  2. A qualitative study on the teaching methods and pedagogical beliefs of two preschool teachers and two first grade teachers.
  3. A comparative study on the beliefs and attitudes of early childhood teachers regarding children with ADHD, in collaboration with researchers from the USA, Korea, Japan, and UK.
  4. An interview study on the views of Icelandic preschool directors to the preschool and their views on children and childhood.
  5. A focus group study on the beliefs and attitudes of preschool teachers to participation and cooperation with parents. The study was a part of the research project “The international parent-teacher partnership” (IPP), focusing on contemporary challenges facing the parent-teacher partnership in ece based on contextual orientation. Conducted in collaboration with researchers from University of Tallin, University of Estonia, University of Tampere, and University of Coimbra.
  6. A study on the professionalism of preschool teachers. The study is a part of the study “Managing the role of preschool teacher in a field where professionalization is contested.” This was conducted in collaboration with University of Volda and University of Oslo.
  7. A research project on playing, learning and living [Leikum lærum og lifum]. An action research project in 5 preschools in municipalities around Reykjavik. I am the leader of the research group, which consists of 5 members of the academic staff at the University, 5 Masters students, and preschool staff in the 5 participating preschools.
  8. A research project on value teaching in early childhood education. The research project aims to deepen understanding of the institutionalized fostering of values in Nordic preschools at the theoretical, methodological, and empirical levels. An ongoing project in collaboration with researchers from the other Nordic countries.
  9. Belonging in early childhood education


2.        Research with student teachers

  1. A research study comparing the academic performance of different groups of students in early childhood teacher education.
  2. Focus group interviews examining the experience and needs of younger and older students in preschool teacher education program at the Educational University.


Research on transition and continuity in children’s education

  1. Parents’ views on the transition from preschool to primary school.
  2. A comparative quantitative study exploring transition activities in Iceland and New South Wales.
  3. Children’s perspectives on the transition from preschool to primary school.
  4. An action research project with the focus on continuity between preschool and primary school. This was a 3 year project with teachers from 3 primary schools and 3 preschools. I was the leader of a group of 8 members of academic staff at the University and 3 Masters students. This was a part of the EASE project conducted in colaboration with European collegues http://www.ease-eu.com/description.html
  5. Fararheill.


4.        Research with children

During the last decade I have conducted several studies with young children. These studies are buildt on a contemporary view of children as competent and able to express their views if appropriate methods are used. The Convention of the Right of the Child also influences the studies where children’s right to influence their own lives is stated.

  1. Children’s perspectives on their preschool.
  2. Children’s expectations on starting primary school.
  3. Children’s perspectives on being in 1st grade.
  4. First grade children’s reconstruction of their preschools.
  5. Children tell of their well-being – who listens? This study began in 2010 and was initiated at the University of Oulu in Finland. I am serving as both the outside specialist and as a participant in the research project.
  6. Children’s views of preschool teachers and their work.
  7. Children’s views on play, a project in preparation conducted in collaboration with researchers at Quinsland University of Technology in Australia.
  8. Children with diverse background experiences of belonging in ECEC in Iceland