Courses taught:

University of Iceland :

Directions in Literary Theory
Critical Composition
Scholarly and Journalistic Criticism
Contemporary Literature
Translation Studies
English Literature (19. and 20. Cent.)
Modern American Literature
Literary Representations of the City
Island Literature
Milton's Paradise Lost (in English and Icelandic)
Narrative, Film and Adaptation
Cultural Studies
Literature, Culture, Place
The Novel - Form and World
Poetry, Original and Translated

Special seminars:
Franz Kafka
Virginia Woolf
Roland Barthes
James Joyce's Ulysses

Modernism and Postmodernism
The City in Literature and Film
Place and Space in Literature
Literature and Reading
Literary Research
Walter Benjamin
Encyclopedia of Literature in Iceland
Conversations with Landscape and Places
Travels and Stories
Architecture and Literature
History of Translation

University of Victoria (2016)
Island Literature

University of Iowa (1997):
Translation Theory
Translation Workshop

University of Copenhagen (1997-98):
Kafka, Modernism, and Postmodern Investigations
Literary Theory and Textual Analysis
Translation Studies and the Location of Culture

University of Iowa (1982-86):
Old Norse
Interpretation of Literature
Literature and Anthropology: The Icelandic Sagas
German (first year courses)