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Sveinbjörn Gizurarson, professor

Dr. Sveinbjorn Gizurarson graduated with MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) in 1986 and completed his PhD from the same university in 1990. After being PostDoc at National Institute of Health of Japan (Tokyo, Japan) he moved to Reykjavik, Iceland and started working at the University of Iceland.

My role as a teacher is to inspire and empower each student, and help them to develop critical thinking skills and to take independent decisions. This may be done by presenting theories and equipping them with tools that allow them to think critically before solving the tasks or taking appropriate actions.

Research requires patience. Since 1986 I have been involved in various areas of intranasal drug and vaccine delivery. I have been focusing on nasal physiology, immunology and toxicology and how these affects the delivery of small molecular drugs, peptides, proteins and vaccines. After 30 years of research, I am looking forward to see the first outcome of my research (nasal product to terminate cluster seizures) that has just passed the final clinical phase III, where the New Drug Application (NDA) is expected to be submitted in the latter half of 2017.

More recently I have been focusing on maternal health and fetal medicine, especially areas resulting in fetal and maternal deaths such as preeclampsia and postpartum haemorrhage. It has been an exciting journey to discovery of the pharmacology of placental protein 13 and how it preconditions the maternal physiology and prevents her from developing pre-eclampsia.

At the University of Iceland I am highly involved in laboratory safety as well as providing consultancy for industry, institutions and authorities including legal opinions on patent issues and therapeutic treatments.

I am married to Kristín Linda Ragnarsdóttir and I am blessed with 3 children, one daughter in law and one granchild; Guðlaug María, Benjamín Ragnar and Davíð Örn Sveinbjörnsson & Fjóla Dögg Halldórsdóttir and their child Salómon Blær.

Fjóla Dögg and Salómon Blær is missing in this picture (Fjóla Dögg took the picture)