Epileptic seizures

Intranasal delivery

Epilepsy is caused by disturbed electrical activity in the brain and has been recognized for at least 2400 years. It is expressed as a collection of many different types of seizures that vary widely in severity, appearance, cause, consequence and management. Its most severe form, status epilepticus, is a neurological emergency that may result in brain damage or death. Seizures should be treated as soon as possible. From onset of seizures and until the initiation of the treatment should be as short as possible, to reduce the damage seizures can cause as well as the risk of morbidity and mortality.

Hananja ehf and the University of Iceland have developed an intranasal formulation for the treatment of epileptic seizures. Ikano Therapeutics Inc. carried out the project through Preclinicals, Phase I and Phase II clinical trials. In January 2010 US-FDA approved that Phase III clinical trials, carried out by Upsher-Smith Laboratories Ltd. Proximagen Ltd. did the NDA filing. Extensive work by Proximagen and UCB, FDA approved the NDA application May 17th, 2019, and the product was launched December 5th, 2019, as Nayzilam (