Curriculum vitae


In 1986 I graduated with MS in Pharmacy (Candidatus Pharmaciae) from University of Copenhagen, Faculty of   Pharmaceutical Sciences. My MS thesis was titled: Drug-protein binding interactions, measured by the mean of flow injection analysis. In 1990 I graduated with PhD (as well as Licenciatus Pharmaciae) from the same University. The title of my thesis was: Intranasal application of insulin. Pharmaceutical and physiological factors affecting successful absorption of insulin. My supervisor was Dr. Erik Bechgaard.

After graduation, the family moved to Tokyo, Japan, where I worked as a PostDoctoral fellow (1990-1991) at the National Institute of Health of Japan, focusing on the project: Intranasal immunization against influenzae using cholera toxin B subunit.


Relevant authorizations:

  1. Chemical Warfare – compounds, analysis and treatment. From the Danish Emergency Management Agency (1985).
  2. Radioactive isotopes in biomedicine from August Kroch Institute, University of Copenhagen (1988) and the National Institute of Health of Japan, Tokyo (1990).
  3. Laboratory Animal Science, from The Royal Danish School of Veterinary and Agricultural Science (1990) and from Scandinavian Federation for Laboratory Animal Science (1991).
  4. Biohazards, from the National Institute of Health of Japan, Tokyo (1990).
  5. Authorization from Ministry of Health to be allowed to have the title "expert in the field of Biopharmacy and Clinical Pharmacokinetics" (1994)
  6. Authorization from the Icelandic Medical Agency to act as qualified person (QP) for the production of pharmaceuticals (2002)