My role as a teacher is to inspire and empower each student, help them to develop critical thinking skills and to take independent decisions. This may be done by presenting theories and equipping them with tools that allows them to think critically before solving the tasks or taking appropriate actions.



  1. General
    1. Laboratory Safety
  2. Specific lecturer/courses 
    1. Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
    2. Toxicology and Risk evaluation
    3. Vaccines and vaccinology
    4. Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
    5. Drug-Food and Drug-Nutrition Interactions

Frequent [other] lectures

  1. Vaccinology - mucosal vaccinations
  2. The Nose
    1. Intranasal drug delivery
    2. Nasal anatomy and physiology for drug delivery
    3. Nasal toxicology
    4. Nasal vaccines
  3. Olfactory delivery
  4. Direct access from Nose-to-Brain
  5. Good Clinical Practice Course
  6. Laboratory Animals
    1. Comparative physiology before planning a study
    2. Dose and dosage forms in different animals
  7. Patenting in the Academia
  8. The Science of Creation