Student theses

Students that are interested in writing their Master's or PhD Thesis in the area of software engineering, software testing, software quality, or distributed systems are welcome to contact me to discuss possible topics.

Check out my posts from the category 'Theses' for some sample topics.

Many of the theses supervised by me lead to conference publications, some of them even win awards, the project EYK lead to creation of a start-up company.

Supervised theses (while being at the University of Iceland)


PhD thesis on exascale high-performance computing machine learning with applications to Earth science (work in progress)

MSC Thesis on developing, implementing, and evaluating a file transfer protocol for the Zero MQ asynchronous message library (work in progress)

MSC Thesis on using aspect-orientation for instrumentation-based white-box testing (work in progress)

MSc Thesis on developing a mobile price comparison app and backend (work in progress)

MSc Thesis on regression test select based on test coverage (work in progress)

MSc Thesis: The state of cybersecurity vulnerability reporting in Iceland


PhD thesis on Scientific Workflow Execution Using a Dynamic Runtime Model (Referee)

MSc Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Buoy Positioning and Monitoring System Using Differential GNSS and LoRaWAN


MSc Thesis: Developing a Mobility Model and Simulating Delay-Tolerant Networks for Natural Disasters in Iceland

PhD Thesis (PhD committee): Federated Access to Collaborative Data and Compute Infrastructures


MSc Thesis on software engineering best practises used in Icelandic start-up companies

MSc Thesis: A refactoring catalogue and tool for refactoring C/C++ HPC code

MSc Thesis: Prediction of time series for electricity generation


PhD thesis (Mentor and PhD committee): Standards-based Models and Architectures to Automate Scalable and Distributed Data Processing and Analysis

MSc Thesis: Generation of Training Data for Automatic Land Cover Classification with Machine Learning

Msc Thesis (co-supervisor): Design and implementation of simulation software for evaluating the application of machine learning to the dispatching problem (2019)

MSc Thesis: Using Machine Learning for Predicting the Likelihood of Upper Secondary School Student Dropout (2019)


MSc Thesis (co-supervisor): Brain Image Classification with Support Vector Machines using Self-Dual Attribute Profiles (2018)

MSc Thesis (co-supervisor): Design, Implementation and Analysis of a Parallel and Scalable Cascade Support Vector Machine Framework (2018)

MSc Thesis (co-supervisor): Design, implementation, and optimization of an advanced I/O Framework for Parallel Support Vector Machines (2018)


MSc Thesis (co-supervisor): Renovation of a Real Estate Data Transport System (2016)

MSc Thesis: Developing an OpenStack Public Cloud Storage -- A Proof of Concept Deployment of OpenStack with a Public Cloud Storage using Swift (2016)


MSc Thesis (secondary supervisor): A First Attempt on the Distributed Prize Collecting Steiner Tree Problem (2015)

MSc Thesis: Development of EYK (2015)


MSc Thesis (secondary supervisor): qflow: a fast customer-oriented NetFlow database for accounting and data retention (2014)

MSc Thesis (secondary supervisor): Design and development of EYK. A data management system for geographically distributed data sources (2014)


MSc Thesis: A MapReduce Input Format for Analyzing Big High-Energy Physics Data Stored in ROOT Framework Files (2013)
Student was invited to present results at Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (23.8.2013).

PhD Thesis (PhD committee): Assessing and Improving Interoperability of Distributed Systems (2013)

PhD Thesis (PhD committee): User-Driven Development for Bespoke Software. (2013)


MSc Thesis: Design decision alternatives for agent-based monitoring of distributed server environments (2012)

MSc Thesis: Software Agent-Based Cost Model Calculations for Distributed Server Environments (2012)


MSc Thesis (secondary supervisor): Architectural Operations in Cloud Computing. (2011)

MSc Thesis: Distributed Testing of Cloud Applications Using the Jata Test Framework. (2011)

MSc Thesis: Refactoring UML Diagrams and Models with Model-to-Model Transformations. (2011)

PhD Thesis (secondary supervisor): Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement for UML Models. (2011)


PhD Thesis (secondary supervisor): A UML Based Methodology for the Development of Web Services. (2010)


MSc Thesis: Equivalence Checking of TTCN-3 Test Case Behavior. (2008)

Supervised theses (while being at the University of Göttingen)

MSc Thesis: An XML-based Approach for Software Analysis – Applied to Detect Bad Smells in TTCN-3 Test Suites (2007)

MSc Thesis: Testing Grid Applications Using TTCN-3 (2007)

MSc Thesis: Pattern-based Smell Detection in TTCN-3 Test Suites (2006)

MSc Thesis: A Refactoring Tool for TTCN-3 (2006)