Data literacy and datafication 2021+

There are interesting things happeing in the area of datafication and data literacy and this is one of my priorities at the moment.

The outline of my input are to be found in this link JTJ-Building data literacy  Here I outline my argument, present my interests and present a part of my research application.

In may article  (2019) on the directional value of data (only abstract in English) I argue that despite the enormous value of data increasingly permeating all aspects of our lives its directional value tends to be vastly overestimated.

I have presented a number of papers on the issue in recent years,

2019.4 April. The uncertain directional value of data in education. Or what is the value of data for everyday education, its policy and practice? Or for what, exactly, is data relevant? Presented the University of Aarhus, April 3rd 2019. Aarhus presentation on data

2019.3 March. The uncertain directional value of data in education. Presented at the NERA 2019 in Uppsala on March 6th 2019. NERA JTJ paper-v1

2018.12 September.  In the direction of good education, teachers navigate the seas of data. Presented at the Northern Lights conference Espoo, Finland, 27.-28. September 2018. JTJ Northern lights Espoo Sept 2018     See Youtube link 1:50:00-2:20:00