Research fields

I have attended to various fields related to psychology, but especially within the educational discourse. Most of my work is written in Icelandic, but increasingly I have also presented and written in English. I will note some of this English work under the headings below.

  • Challenges to the educational arena (my most recent preoccupation)
  • The role of research and evidence in the development of education
  • Different parts of the system of education
    • The development of an educational system
    • Pre-school education and leisure centres
    • Compulsory education (primary and upper secondary) - history and development
    • Upper secondary education - general issues
    • Upper secondary education - the problem of drop-outs
    • Vocational education
    • Adult education
    • Life-long learning - professional development
    • University education
  • Educational ideas and their development
  • The use of ICT in education (my early interest in education)
  • Artificial intelligence (my early interest, related to my focus on cognitive psychology)
  • Reading and word perception (the focus of my PhD research)
  • Supervision of  student work (various interesting projects; in English, espcecially PhD work).