Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning - professional development

Moving the focus of the educational discourse from “pre-work” education to life-long learning is a pressing challenge. Even though this has been rhetorically accepted, for nearly half a century it is still not fully acknowledged either by the system, industry nor by the pragmatic discourses. Teacher education is a particularly interesting case in point. While genuinely accepted by most parties, it still has, formally, a marginal status, both within the school system and the university system.

There are two recent MS I have written on the issue of LLL learning.

In the ESRA paper I am exploring the coexistence of the totally separate worlds of formalized LLL, i.e. that outside the school system, and which is normally what people understand by adult education, and the world within the system, primarily within tertiary education where adults are educated but are not seen as within adult education.

June 2014. How will the principal strands of education of adults co-exist? The character and sustainability of formal, non-formal and informal education of adults. A presentation at the 2nd conference of the ESREA Network on Policy Studies in Adult Education, Interrogating Sustainability in Adult Learning Policy: European and Global Perspectives. June 18–20, 2014 Aalborg University, Denmark

In the Nordic conference paper I explore the manifold rationale for making the life-long professional development the preferred modus operandi of professional education.

March 2013. Why LLL should be moved to the central stage of the system of education ? Paper presented at the 5th Nordic conference on adult education in Reykjavík, 5.-6. March 2013.