Old French lais and Icelandic sagnakvæði

Francia et Germania: Studies in Strengleikar and Þiðreks saga af Bern. Oslo, 2012, 265–288.

Strengleikar is a collection of romantic tales that were translated from one or more collections of French narrative tales, the so-called lais (singular lai), at the behest of Hákon the Old, who ruled over Norway from 1217 to 1263. The Strengleikar consist of twenty one lais and a prologue, and are now preserved in the Norwegian manuscript de la Gardie 4–7 at the University of Uppsala library alongside four leaves of the same manuscript, which are today found at the Arnamagnaean Institute in Copenhagen under the signum AM 666 b 4to. The manuscript is considered to be from about 1270 and as such is one of the oldest and most important compendiums of Old Norse translations of courtly literature. Read more: Fracia et Germania.