Education and prior positions


2015                      Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction/Educational Psychology. Virginia Tech

2007                      M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. University of Akureyri (Unak), Iceland

2002                      Post-graduate teaching certificate (social sciences and music) Unak

1996 – 2004          Vocal performance/Piano performance

1988 - 1989          Music Education, BA/MA level. Indiana University, Bloomington, IA      1981                       B.S. in Social Work/ Community Service and Public Affairs                                                        University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

1978                      Matriculation/ Stúdentspróf.  Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík

1971- 1976            Piano performance and music studies. Tónlistarskólinn í Reykjavík



Feb. 2016 – currently             Assistant Professor and Director for the Development of Teaching and Learning. Department of Health Sciences, University of Iceland

Aug. 2017 - currently               Educational Adviser . The Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Iceland

Aug. 2014 – May 2015           Graduate Assistantship: Research Assistant                               Virginia Tech School of Education, Blacksburg, VA. Department of Teaching and Learning

  • Worked with Dr. Trevor Stewart on research regarding issues such as place-based learning, literacy, standardized testing, teacher retention, school reform initiatives, and issues in rural schools in preparation for literature reviews
  • Worked on research regarding mentoring, more specifically, the mentor/mentee relationship, and different models for supporting preservice and beginning teachers. This research was in preparation for article literature reviews

July 2014 –Aug. 2014             Co-Instructor of EDEP 5154/EDEP 5114, Learning and Cognition, graduate, online course. Virgina Tech School of Education, Blacksburg, VA

  • Taught and managed the organization of this online course with Dr. Brett Jones, corresponded with students, advised and graded assignments

Aug. 2013 – May 2014           Graduate Assistantship: Co-Instructor of EDEP 5154, Psychological Foundations of Education for Pre-Service Teachers, graduate, online course. Virginia Tech School of Education, Blacksburg, VA

  • Taught and managed the organization of this online course with Dr. Brett Jones, corresponded with students, advised and graded assignments
  • Assisted in updating the course for the latest textbook version

Aug. 2013 – May 2014           Graduate Assistantship: Research Assistant                                  Virginia Tech School of Education, Blacksburg, VA

  • Worked with Dr. Bonnie Billingsley on an analysis of the research literature in teacher retention and attrition with a focus on special education in preparation of literature reviews for articles
  • Worked on identifying factors in teacher motivation

Aug. 2012 – May 2013           Graduate Assistantship: Research  Assistant                                        Virginia Tech School of Education, Blacksburg, VA

  • Research on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Research, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis under the leadership of Dr. Brett Jones, PI
  • Conducted Motivation Research in Middle Schools in a STEM - After-School Program
  • Designed/developed instruments, collected data through interviews/observation, analyzed data, wrote reports, developed posters and wrote journal article drafts

Jan. 2011 – May 2013            Graduate Assistantship: Project management, research, and reports for the School of Education, Central Office. Virginia Tech School of Education, Blacksburg, VA

  • Managed the application and the award process for the Excellence in Education Awards both years. The SOE recognizes outstanding programs in education in Virginia
  • Prepared drafts for yearly SOE reports based on the Faculty Activities Reports (FAR)
  • Drafted surveys for committees or polls, data analysis
  • Conducted literature reviews
  • Managed and coordinated webpage update
  • Coordinated meetings and follow-ups for various committees

Aug. 2007 – July 2010            Assistant Principal/Department head                                                                           Smáraskóli, compulsory education, 1 - 10th grade, Kópavogur, Iceland

  • Managed and organized teaching and activities, selected curriculum for the middle school (5th – 7th grade), wrote reports, solved disciplinary issues, hired staff, conducted crisis intervention, assumed Principal‘s duties in the principal’s absence
  • Some teaching, including substitute teaching

March -  June 2009                 Interim Principal                                                                                           Smáraskoli, compulsory education, 1 – 10th grade, Kopavogur, Iceland

  • Performed all the duties of the Principal, including financial planning and banking, attended meetings

Aug. 2004 – June 2005     General Education/Classroom teacher                                                                                                 (5-6th gr.) Suðurhlíðarskóli, comp. education, 1-10th grade, Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Various subjects taught such as Icelandic, English, Danish, Math, Social Studies, Music, Life Skills

Aug. 1996 – June 2003           Subject Teacher Egilsstaðaskóli, Egilsstaðir, Iceland

  • Music Education in 1st – 7th grade
  • German in 10th grade
  • Special Education (taught reading, social studies and music to severly handicapped students)
  • Substitute Teaching

Aug. 1996 – June 2004          Music Teacher. Egilsstaðir Music School, Egilsstaðir, Iceland

  • Piano Instruction
  • Music history for adults in the vocal department

Aug. 2000 – July 2004            Manager of the Music Festival, Bright Nights in June, and the East-Iceland Opera Studio Performers, Iceland

  • Director/Project manager (top position), funding applications, contracts with artists, organization of concerts and opera performances, program development, advertising, travel,  lodging and canteen organization for participants (80 people), management of volunteers for canteen, a little store, and cleaning. Daily management of the group activities during the three week stay at the boarding school where rehearsals were held and the majority of participants stayed

Aug. 1998 – June 2001           Teaching and Advising                                                                  Egilsstadir Jr. College (11th – 14th grade), Iceland

  • Served as Interim Student Advisor/guidance counselor (one year)
  • Taught Music Appreciation for severly disabled, one on one
  • Taught Music Appreciation I (from 2000-2001, elective course)

1989 – 1992                            Social Worker. Reykjavik Central Office for the Disabled, Iceland

  • Conducted social work with families of disabled children, assisted them in finding services/help needed, financial assistance, supportive family programs, big brother/big sister program, assisted living

1984 – 1987                            Director for Social Work /Employment Office                                                                                           Reykjavik Employment Office, Department for the Disabled, Iceland

  • Conducted social work and directed rehabilitation in a protected work environment
  • Searched for employment and provided continued support for the disabled in the common work market
  • Coordinated services with hospitals and organizations for the disabled
  • Managed the department and its employees

1986 – 1987                            Adult Education English Teacher. Mosfellsbær Adult Education.

1981 – 1984                            Social Worker. Iceland Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Reykjavik

  • Directed rehabilitation in a protected work environment, searched for employment and provided support; coordinated services with hospitals and organizations for the disabled

Earlier employment includes caretaker services in assisted living environments for the disabled, service in the department of bonds in a bank, managing a factory canteen, preschools, and summer camps.