LaTeX templates for theses at University of Iceland / LaTeX sniðmát ritgerðar/lokaverkefna Háskóla Íslands

Helmut Neukirchen, 27. November 2017

Update 28.3.2022: I just finished working on a new LaTeX template using the new HÍ corporate identity from 10/2021.

You should find the most recent templates at

But you can also download the new LaTeX template for (M.Sc.) theses UniversityOfIcelandMScThesisV2.0.1 and for PhD thesis:

I have submitted it to Overleaf as a template.

For more info on the new layout, see my newer post.

The PhD thesis template has also been updated: If you started already your PhD thesis, it is in principle enough to

  1. replace the old ui-phdthesis.cls by the new one and
  2. replace the two files HIlogo.pdf and UIblueribbon.pdf by banner.png
  3. add \thesislicense{All rights reserved} to your .tex file (or update to the license you want to make your thesis available).
  4. Also check the comments at the start of file uiphd_template.tex for possible further additions (\numberwithin and \UrlBreaks).
  5. In contrast to Version 2.0.0. version 2.1.0 moved the bibliography management out of the cls file into the tex file where BibLaTeX is now used

You find the templates also at

Official templates for PhD theses and MSc theses at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences are available the School's new Intranet. I try to get my template added there.

If you need for some reason, the template using the old design: LaTeX template MSc: Version 1.1. from 15.10.2020.)

I have created some slides on pros and cons of using LaTeX (skip them, if you are familiar with LaTeX), as well as a brief introduction into LaTeX (starting from slide 13, the thesis template is covered -- but this refers to the old Vesion 1.x template), and a brief introduction into BibLatex for handling literature references.

For the PhD template, a different LaTeX template is available which includes a README.

This PhD template needs fixes as well, e.g.:

  • Table of contents page numbers are sometimes not right-justified due to using "\ " instead of "~": Change {\ \titlerule*[.5pc]{.}\ \thecontentspage to {\ \titlerule*[.5pc]{.}~\thecontentspage
  • IIRC, the same comment as above for \markboth applies.
  • IIRC, there was also something concerning \renewcommand{\leftmark}{\normalfont\footnotesize\sffamily\nouppercase{List of Publications}} % HN commented out vs. %\renewcommand{\rightmark}{\normalfont\footnotesize\sffamily\nouppercase{List of Publications}}
  • When including papers, run them first through PDFcrop and if the pages have different size, e.g. last page of a two column paper uses only one column, take care to use the same cropping for all pages. The PDFcrop is needed because typically the original PDF (e.g. your camera-ready version of your paper) contains, e.g. an A5 sized paper on A4 paper format and since the thesis is printed in A5, the paper gets scaled down so that the original A5-sized paper becomes a tiny A6 which is too tiny!
  • There were more issue (note to self: do a diff on some of the students templates and the one in the zip).

For your slides, Katrín Halldórsdóttir created a LaTeX Beamer template (the tex file is GPL, however the logos are property of the University).

Note for those using Overleaf: there is now Writefull for grammar checking of English language that integrates with Overleaf as a plugin for the Firefox an Chrome browser.

Independent from that, there is the free and open-source standalone TeXtidote grammar checker that can be run from command-line or, e.g. Emacs.