I will be at NERA in Copenhagen in late March

Guðrún Ragnarsdóttir will present a paper, which I co-author: Responses of upper secondary school leaders in Iceland to a new curriculum in an ostensibly decentralized system.

This a based on her PhD work and interviews we did among school leaders some time back. She is developing a very interesting perspective showing both the organizational and institutional side of schools and school leaders, co-existing. Quite exciting.

I will present a paper where I continue developing my argument on the credential growth of HE, with special emphasis on the gender difference and the stability of the effect accross cultures and among different social groups.

The hidden global and local dynamics of the expansion of higher education Jonasson NERA Expansion March 2017

I will also present a paper on the place of lifelong learning and professional development in the educational discourse. I try to argue that these belong at the heart of an educational system; many people concur with that but not the system itself.

Why formal education, lifelong learning (LLL) and professional development (PD) should be a part of the same educational discourse and thus be squarely placed at the core of the system of education (and why not).  03 NERA JTJ PD 2017 conference JTJ presentation


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