January 2022 - looking back to 2021

Again 2021 was like previous year, defined by Covid. Academically it was relatively calm, but our only trip abroad was to NERA in Odense in November but was also connected to a very pleasant visit to Copenhagen, staying with Inge and Axel, also visiting their newly acquire summer house and seeing Jakob and Birgitte. I also attended three conferences electronically, on democratic role of the university in April held at the University of Akureyri, ECER in September and Menntakvika (the Icelandic education conference) in October. With Guðrún and Valgerður I published two chapters on Icelandic education. I also examined two excellent PhD thesis, one at Gothenburg (in March on-line) and one here at the University of Iceland. In October, Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard defended her thesis Conversation as an Ecology of learning: An analysis of asynchronous discussions within an online professional community working to develop a democratic practice in education. 

We travelled quite a lot in Iceland during 2021, played some golf and generally had a very good time with family, especially with the two granddaughters, Heiðrún Kristín and Eva Bryndís, and with the third entering the field, Laufey in September. Also trips with groups of friends, which happened to be to the south of the country this time.

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