Steven Campana, January 15, 2016 14:45

Welcome to the website of Steven E. Campana, Professor at the University of Iceland...

porbeagle PAT tag and steve_781 unannotated Exposure: 000 : 00 : 00 . 900 : 000 Binning: 1 x 1 Gain: 1 %Accumulated%=0

Having started work at the University of Iceland in May 2015, much of my published work was carried out while at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Preparations are now underway to complete an otolith lab here in Iceland, and to enhance this website.  All publication pdf's and all relevant otolith and shark information are available from this website.  However, for information specific to Canada, you may wish to refer to my websites back in Canada:

Canadian Shark Research Laboratory

Otolith Research Laboratory