Deepsea Cat Shark

Apristurus profundorum




The deepsea cat shark has a broad snout with 8 or 9 rows of pores along the ventral surface. The two dorsal fins are virtually equal in size. The first dorsal fin is set far back on the body and originates over the middle of the pelvic fin. It is dark gray, brown or black on its whole body, which can be 50 cm (20 in) in length. The teeth are tricuspid and smooth edged, the central cusp being long and sharp surrounded by the two smaller cusps.



The limits of its Canadian distribution are unknown although deep-sea trawling captures are not uncommon.



The two Canadian reports of this shark have been at depths of 660 meters (2,200 feet) or more. Not much is known other than the fact that it is a deep dwelling species.


Life History

This shark is a deep dwelling fish and not much is known about its basic biology. Average size is about 50 cm (20 in).



The diet of this shark is unknown.



Nothing is known about the reproduction of this shark.


Interaction with People

Since this is a deep dwelling species it usually has no interactions with humans except when accidentally caught while deep-sea fishing.


Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Tricuspid teeth in both jaws
  • Dorsal fins well back on trunk
  • No dorsal fin spines
  • Conspicuous ventral pores

Deepsea Cat Shark Head

Deepsea Cat Shark Head

Deepsea Cat Shark Mouth

Deepsea Cat Shark Mouth