The Werewolf in Medieval Icelandic Literature

JEGP (106/3) 2007, 277–303.

People throughout the world have long been fascinated by the idea of shape-shifting. In all corners of the world there are stories about people who have the ability to transform themselves into animals. The ability is generally viewed negatively, and those with such powers are often sorcerers or witches. Read more: Werewolf

How Icelandic Legends Reflect the Prohibition on Dancing


ARV – Nordic Yearbook of Folklore (61) 2005, 25–52.

The following article is about repression, and how repressed culture can find expression in legends. As a discussion of culture in the broader sense would probably demand extensive research and a lot of space, I have chosen to narrow the focus and concentrate on one manifestation: dancing. I will begin by describing the opposition of the Icelandic authorities to dancing, which resulted in its apparent disappearance in the eighteenth century. Read more: ARV.