Iceland and European integration. Seminar: The European Union and Scandinavia Today at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. February 1-2, 2001.

Iceland and the Implementation of the EEA agreement. Conference: Globalization and small states organized by NISA (the Nordic International Studies Association) in Copenhagen, Denmark. March 24, 2001.

The ability of administrations of small states to participate in international organisations: The case of Iceland. Conference: Nordic Research Programme of Security Policy in Helsinki, Finland. May 18-20, 2001.

Small states and European integration: The theory. ECSA Conference (European Community Study Association) in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. May 31 – June 2, 2001.

Small states and European integration – A Theoretical Approach. Conference: Small States in World Markets 15 years later” at the University of Göteborg in Sweden. September 27-29, 2001.

The Reaction of the Icelandic Government to the Proposal of the European Commission to Ban Bone and Meat Meal in Animal Feeding, including Fishmeal and Fishoil, 2000. Conference: Foundations for Cooperative European Crisis Management:  Establishing Common Ground organized by CRISMART (Crisis Management Research and Training), Stockholm, Sweden. November 22-23, 2001.

The Reaction of the Icelandic Government to the EU Commission’s Proposal to Ban Bone and Meat Meal (as well as Fishmeal and Fish Oil) in Animal Feed, 2000. Seminar: Crisis Management Research at the Swedish National Defence College, Stockholm, Sweden. November 24, 2001.

The Icelandic national administration and membership of the EU. Seminar on the position of Iceland in Europe organized by the Alliance (Samfylkingin) in Iceland.  May 12, 2001.

Equal rights at the University of Iceland. Speech at an opening of a campaign against prejudice at the University of Iceland.  December 1, 2001.

Innovation at Universities. Speech at a grant ceremony of the Innovative Fund for Students. University of Iceland. June 5, 2001.

What do Science and Art have in common? An opening speech at a photographs exhibition from Macedonia organized by the Department of Political Science, University of Iceland and the Icelandic Red Cross. March, 2001.