Monthly Archives: March 2018

Iceland’s alignment with the EU–US sanctions on Russia

Article in Global Affairs co-authored with Pétur Gunnarsson is now freely available. The article explores Iceland's participation in sanctions against Russia over its aggression in Ukraine. It is shown that the Icelandic government considered withdrawing its support for the sanctions, in large … Continue reading

Russian aggression

Two interviews about Russian aggression and interference in the Western world. The British government reaction to reports of Russian assassinations in London appear to be too lenient. Síðdegisútvarpið. Morgunblaðið. Morgunblaðið K100 radio.

Secrets and lies

Spies, the growing Russian threat, political chaos in Britain and the United States. A less secure world? Discussions on international affairs in Viglínan (the Front Line), a Saturday news show on the Icelandic Channel 2 TV station.


Few worls on stereotypes in a brilliant new internet TV series on LGBTQ+ rights by the Icelandic National Radio.

Brexit and small states

Forthcoming chapter (co-authored with Anders Wivel) in the The Routledge Handbook of the Politics of Brexit (Routledge, 2019), edited by P. Diamond, P. Nedergaard, and B. Rosamond. The aim of the chapter is to unpack how Brexit influences small states in Europe. The … Continue reading