Monthly Archives: June 2017

The annual Summer School on Small States in Europe

The annual Summer School on Small States in Europe is up and running at the University of Iceland at present. It was a pleasure to discuss how small states cope with the current political challenges in Europe with our 26 … Continue reading

Small state foreign policy

New study on small state foreign policy published in the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Politics. The size of states is a hot topic today, in particular with the discussions surrounding Brexit and what it means for the UK's future as … Continue reading

Social policies, more so than Brexit, determined the UK election

Much of the discourse before and after the election has centered on the wrong aspects when trying to explain Jeremy Corbyn's success. The best explanations for his success have mostly to do with his promises to rebuild NHS and the educational … Continue reading

The UK general election 2017

Surveys suggest that the Tories will win the election, but that there could be an upset. There is at the very least variation in the surveys, which shows on average a 6-7 point lead for the Tories. There are however … Continue reading

The Small State in the New Global Order

What do New Zealand, Iceland and the Baltic states have in common? I have learned a lot from an excellent two day conference on the foreign policy choices of New Zealand as it faces the changing global balance of power. … Continue reading

Small states and the changing global order

Trump and Small European States today! Iceland and the USA in 2006 and 2008! What do small states do when a superpower deserts them? How do small states defend themselves when deserted by their most trusted longtime ally? The first … Continue reading