Monthly Archives: October 2017

Icexit from the EU membership application?

Our paper on Iceland's approach to Brexit it out. The last Icelandic government and the current sitting government in the country have somewhat had a different take on Brexit than their counterparts in the other EFTA states and in the EU … Continue reading

Iceland's relations with its regional powers: Russia, the USA and the EU.

A paper of mine and Pétur Gunnarsson, who is a former student of mine, has just been published online Iceland’s alignment with the EU-US sanctions on Russia: autonomy versus dependence.  It is published in the journal Global Affairs. A printed version will … Continue reading

What is a small state? Why does it matter?

I made an attemp to ‘Define the Small State’ in the Annual Lecture of the Centre of Small States at the Queen Mary University of London. It was also my third Leverhulme lecture at the University.  Caroline Morris, the founder of … Continue reading

The Small-State Survival Guide

Sverrir Steinsson and I have just published a short article The Small-State Survival Guide to Foreign Policy Success in The National Interest, Foreign Policy Experts Roundtable. It is based on our new study 'Small State Foreign Policy' which appears in the Oxford Research … Continue reading