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Eleven interesting things about the parliamentary elections

Far-Right populist parties do not appear to have any significant support in Iceland, unlike in our Nordic neighbors. A radical party desiring to undertake major reforms of the Icelandic political system does have major support. The Social Democratic Alliance is on … Continue reading

Great uncertainty in Icelandic politics

See interview on Hringbraut (available on Youtube).  

Hard to predict the parliamentary elections outcome

Surveys indicate that there is large uncertainty that the current opposition in Parliament will earn a sufficient majority in the parliamentary elections to form a government.

Inquiétudes et euphorie dans l’Islande d’après-crise

The Icelandic parliamentary elections are getting international attention. Foreign media are interested in the Pirate Party in particular. See, for instance, this Le Monde piece that I was interviewed for.

Surveys indicate that there will be major changes in the Althing

The 2016 parliamentary elections look set to be a major shake-up in the Icelandic political system, as the radical and young Pirate Party is likely to be one of the major winners, and a new liberal centre-right party, Viðreisn, seems likely … Continue reading

Iceland's 2016 General Election in Shadow of the Panama Papers

The leaked Panama Papers led to large protests in Iceland, resignation of the Prime Minister and early general elections being called at the end of this month as part of the government renewing its coalition. Even if the economy has … Continue reading

The Pirate Party is changing Icelandic political traditions

The Pirate Party announced on 16 October 2016 that the party would not participate in post-election negotiations to form a coalition government with either the Progressive Party or Independence Party. The party also sent letters to Viðreisn, Bright Future, Social Democratic … Continue reading

30 Years Since the Reykjavík Summit

Panel at the University of Iceland about the Reykjavík Summit: Össur Skarphéðinsson, Baldur Thorhallsson, Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir, Sigríður Snævarr og Albert Jónsson. The Reykjavík Summit would have wide-ranging long-term consequences for Iceland and the world as a whole. See also interview … Continue reading

PhD defense - Guðný Gústafsdóttir

Guðný Gústafsdóttir defended her PhD thesis, Mediated through the Mainstream: Image(s) of Femininity and Citizenship in Contemporary Iceland 1980–2000, on 23 September. Her opponents were Dr. Karen Ross, Professor of Gender and Media, Newcastle University, and Dr. Guðný Guðbjörnsdóttir, professor of … Continue reading

Progressive Party prospects

Sigurður Ingi Jóhannesson is the new chairperson of the Progressive Party, replacing Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson. This is likely to enhance the prospects of the Progressive Party in the upcoming parliamentary election, but it is crucial for the party to settle … Continue reading