Monthly Archives: March 2016

Important and policy-relevant courses at the University of Iceland

It is important that the course catalogue in the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Iceland provides our students, policy-makers of the future, with the tools and knowledge to understand and deal with many of the contentious issues facing Europe … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Brussels attacks

The Brussels attacks pushed contentious issues regarding Islam and the West, refugees and immigrants, Schengen and European integration, and privacy and security to the forefront again. Discussion of some of these issues in several interviews yesterday and today. Bylgja Árnadóttir, my … Continue reading

Radio broadcast of small states lecture (12 February 2016)

Lecture on the relations of small states with their larger neighbours: a close examination of the Nordic, Baltic and Scottish experience was broadcast on the RÚV radio show Vits er þörf. The program can be accessed here.