Thoughts on the Brussels attacks

The Brussels attacks pushed contentious issues regarding Islam and the West, refugees and immigrants, Schengen and European integration, and privacy and security to the forefront again. Discussion of some of these issues in several interviews yesterday and today.

Bylgja Árnadóttir, my colleague at the University of Iceland, and I discussed these issues at length with a RÚV radio show– 22 March 2016. Bylgja teaches a course on peace and conflict studies at the University of Iceland.

Interview on Channel 2 News – 22 March 2016

Interview on a special edition of Channel 2 News– 22 March 2016 

Interview on the X-ið radio show Harmageddon – 23 March 2016

Interviewed in a Morgunblaðið article – 23 March 2016


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