National Administrations and Definition. Seminar: Small States and European Integration: Defining Small States at the Department of Politics and Philosophy, Manchester Metropoltian Univeristy, England, 22 November 2002.

Conclusions: EEA-sovereignty-smallness-EU. Conference: Interpreting Sovereignty in the 21st Century: A view from Iceland organized by the Academy of European Law (ERA), Reykjavik, 12 - 13 September 2002.

Euriopeanization of Public Administration: Changes and Effects of Europeanization on the Central Administration in the Nordic States with Per Lægreid and Runólafur Smári Steindórsson. Conference: 18th EGOS Colloquium (European Gropu for Organizational Studies), Barcelona. July 4-6, 2002.

Evrópusamruninn og íslenska stjórnsýslan. Seminar: European Integration and Icelandic Politics at the University of Iceland, 8. may 2002

Innovation in Science. Annual speech at the ceremony for the best innovative projects by the Innovative Fund for Students. January 1997-2002.