Monthly Archives: May 2016

Integration and Dispute Resolution in Small States

Small states should not become a laboratory for adventurous businesses and politicians. 'Integration and Dispute Resolution in Small States' - I had the honour to be the only political scientist at this high quality law conference on small states in London. … Continue reading

Survey results for the parliamentary elections

New survey results indicate that the Left-Greens have surged amid the political controversy of recent weeks while the Progressive Party and the Social Democrats struggle. My thoughts in an interview with Vísir: 12.5.2016, - VG bætir við sig tæpum sex prósentum

The Icelandic presidential election

The entry of Davíð Oddsson, the longest serving prime minister in Icelandic history, into the the presidential race changed the nature of the race. We have already seen Grímsson, the sitting President, bow out of the race. My views in two … Continue reading

Symposium held in the honor of Alyson Bailes

On Friday May 13, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs held a symposium in honor of Alyson. The symposium was on small state strategies in international politics. Tuomas Iso-Markku and Gunilla Herolf spoke. I gave a lecture on a study co-authored with Alyson Bailes … Continue reading

Alyson Bailes obituaries

Excellent Guardian obituary about a remarkable woman, Alyson Bailes, a major contributor to peace and stability in Europe. 'Always the cleverest person in the room ... as well as funny, generous and thoughtful.' - I have not yet found the … Continue reading

Remembering Alyson Bailes

From my Facebook page: A dear friend and colleague, Alyson Bailes, passed away in her home in the Scottish Borders on Friday. Alyson was an extraordinary woman. I first met Alyson in 2004 when she visited Iceland and gave a … Continue reading