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Smart move from the President

The decision by the President to wait with giving another party leader the formal powers to start coalition negotiations is smart. This might push parties to give in to each other, ease up on their demands, and settle their differences … Continue reading

Ideological divisions in Icelandic politics

It looks as if there are such ideological divisions between key political parties in Iceland on key political issues, which has delayed successful negotiations for a coalition government. It appears as if the parties are even unable to explore all the … Continue reading

The President might have to put pressure on party leaders

The five-party coalition negotiations seem to have failed. The President might now have to put pressure on party leaders to find agreement.

The five-party coalition negotiations

The negotiations over the formation of a five-party coalition government are difficult. The issues that the five parties seem to disagree most over are tax policy, fisheries policy and constitutional changes. Interviews: 22.11.2016, – Skattamálin áhyggjuefni í viðræðunum 21.11.2016, Bylgjan … Continue reading

The Left Greens try to form a left of centre coalition government

The Left-Greens have been given formal powers by the President to start negotiations in an attempt to form a new government. Whether she will be successful remains to be seen, but it is clear that forming a five-party coalition on … Continue reading

Still no government in Iceland

The Conservative leader, Bjarni Benediktsson, fails to form a government with centre right Renaissance party and the centrist party - Bright Future.  The Icelandic President is most likely to give the leader of the Left Green Movement or the leader … Continue reading

11 factors to consider regarding the formation of a new Icelandic government

A coalition government has not yet been formed in Iceland. Here are eleven factors that need to be considered: There are elements within the Left-Greens which are open to a coalition government with the Independence Party. When given the chance, … Continue reading

Hard to predict what President Trump will do

Trump is the President-Elect. He narrowly defeated Clinton, primarily because of the support of the white working class, and the 'coming home' of undecideds (many of whom were wary Republicans). It is extremely hard to predict what he will do … Continue reading

The 2016 Icelandic parliamentary election

The winners of the Icelandic parliamentary election are the Pirate Party, Viðreisn and the Left-Greens. The Independence Party did extremely well, in light of their polling leading up to the election and the fact that they encountered splintering in the lead-up … Continue reading