Iceland's 2016 General Election in Shadow of the Panama Papers

The leaked Panama Papers led to large protests in Iceland, resignation of the Prime Minister and early general elections being called at the end of this month as part of the government renewing its coalition. Even if the economy has recovered significantly since the financial crisis in 2008, opinion polls seem to indicate some turmoil among the voters.
In parallel with the continent, fringe parties enjoy great support according to opinion polls. In contrast with the continent, however, the swing votes do not go to the far-right but to the Pirate Party, an anti-establishment party with roots in the unrest created by the crisis. Another emerging entity is a liberal pro-EU splinter-group from the traditionally largest conservative party. Either one could be in a controlling position following elections. These issues and several others were addressed in my talk for French officials, journalists and ambassadors at the Icelandic Embassy in Paris recently.


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