Icexit from the EU membership application?

Our paper on Iceland's approach to Brexit it out. The last Icelandic government and the current sitting government in the country have somewhat had a different take on Brexit than their counterparts in the other EFTA states and in the EU member states. According to prominent Icelandic politicians Brexit presents certain opportunities for Iceland and they have until recently put aside challenges associated with it in the public debate. We claim that the rhetoric in Iceland during and after the Brexit referendum has mainly centred around three topics: (1) how to protect Icelandic interests after Brexit, (2) how to utilize associated opportunities, and (3) what implications Brexit would have on Iceland’s pending EU membership application. The paper is written in Norwegian and titled Island and Brexit: ‘Icexit’ fra söknaden om eu-medlemskap? (Iceland and Brexit: Icexit from the EU membership application?). You will find it in a special issue on the Nordic states and Brexit in Internasjonal Politikk.

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